DIY Fashion Diary Let’s Girls Create Their Own Lookbook

The DIY Fashion Diary let’s you be the center of your fashion world!


I just received the Do It Yourself Fashion Diary by Caroline Rowlands (published by Barron’s) and I just have to say, this 80 page book is amazing! It’s a book I would have love-love-loved as a pre-teen!  Not only was I always writing and keeping a diary, but I was always trying my own DIY fashion projects.  This would have been the perfect combination of both.

Stickers and stencils let you draw your own styles and add flair!


This fun and whimsically illustrated book is chock full of helpful styling tips, DIY projects, fashion info, stencils, stickers, trends and activities. Here you can keep records of your “looks”, try new projects like transforming a t-shirt into a tank top  or a skirt, or embellishing your shoes for a new look!


The projects are easy to follow and don’t require a whole lot of time, so a new, up-cycled denim purse or stylish new top is only a few minutes away!  This is a book that will be a perfect gift for every young girl, and one that Mom will want to hold onto as a keepsake for years to come.  I have discovered there is nothing like a diary, or artwork that is more precious years later.

To order, go to:  The Do It Yourself Fashion Diary

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