5 Things Your Hair Stylist is Not Telling You About Extensions

Extensions are not the same

At a glance, hair extensions may look the same but there are different types: synthetic hair extensions and virgin hair extensions.

Extensions are costly

Investing in quality hair extensions is costly especially if you want to use virgin extensions in your hair. These extensions cost much higher than their synthetic but are of much better quality.

Extensions can be customized

Extensions are made to enhance the look and style of your natural hair. Ask your stylist to cut the extensions to your preferred style to ensure that you look good as long as the extensions are still in your hair.

Extensions need a lot care

Taking care of your extensions is as important as if they were your natural hair. When using virgin hair extensions, wash and style them similar to natural hair but do not overdo it.

Extensions should not be left in for too long

Hair extensions, whether synthetic or natural, should be in the hair for no longer than eight weeks if you are to keep your natural hair in good condition

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One thought on “5 Things Your Hair Stylist is Not Telling You About Extensions

  1. Find a hair stylist that will become your friend. Or find a friend that is a hair stylist. Either way, make sure you choose a hair stylist that you can rely on.


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