These are the BEST Harem Pants for #Yoga, Lounge or Dance

One Tribe Apparel Harem Pants – For  bohemians, dancers, yogis, travelers, wanderers, gypsies and everyone in between.

One Tribe Apparel Harem Yoga Dance Pants

In the beautiful, bohemian town of Pai, hidden in the mountains of Northern Thailand, One Tribe Apparel was conceived.  Inspired by the locals, gypsy wanderers and Thai culture, the collection of bamboo harem pants feature four distinct styles in vibrant prints and rich colors, all hand stitched using village techniques and local fabrics.  And what I love most about this collection is they are made in houses, not factories.  The result is a harmonious blend of love, sustainability, tradition, style and comfort.  Girls are flocking to their harem pants because they are perfect for yoga, dancing or lounging.

Available in four styles – Peacock, Elephant, Aladdin & Paisley, with each style having multiple color options. Right now, One Tribe Apparel is offering free shipping on orders!
Use promo code JOINTHETRIBE

Check out their website here

…and their lovely Instagram feed, too, while you’re at it!  Namaste.

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