‘Come and Get It Bae!’ Saridjo is Bringing You ALL the Cool Stuff!

Saridjo, delightfully named after it’s founder, Maiyang Saridjo Kim, is a hot new retail website based in New York city.  Their pieces are all carefully curated to offer up some of the coolest trendy items for the discerning, budget-friendly fashionista.  Take for instance this gold toned “#Bae” necklace (selling fast, so hurry!):

Hashtag-#-Bae-NecklaceCreated by powerhouse sisters, Yudhisty a professional Fashion Designer and Maiya, a lover of fashion and former Wall Street Geek, the online retail store continues to gain traction and the way I see it, these two girls can only go up from here!

(p.s. they are also adding KIDS stuff soon, too.  So…werd!)

Check out their website www.saridjo.com and Tag #saridjo on your purchase!
Follow them on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @officialsaridjo

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