Cheerleaders, This Easy Fundraiser Lets You Sell Cool Jewelry!

Hey girls, are you looking for a fun, easy fundraising idea? How about a cool new fundraiser for your cheerleading team, dance squad or charity organization that sells JEWELRY?  Hip Chix is the women and girls fundraising platform that lets you create an online fundraiser, sell AWESOME jewelry and raise money! Since 2001, Hip Chix has been  “an uncommonly cool fundraiser” helping girls and women achieve their funding goals. They first began with catalogs and in 2008, the company went online.  All of the jewelry pieces are gorgeous, and are made from quality beads, metals and even natural elements such as fresh water pearls and gemstones.

Hip Chix has created the perfect recipe for fundraising success because – seriously, who doesn’t love jewelry??  Best of all, you can earn anywhere from 40-50% in profit from the sales!  It’s really easy to set up. You just create your online fundraiser, share your unique link with your social networks and collect your profits! You can also login anytime and track the success of your fundraiser.  Go check it out and get funding today!


Check out the Hip Chix website
Visit Hip Chix on Facebook

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