Bonpoint is a Juniors and children’s wear brand based in Paris, France. Founded in 1975 by Marie-France Cohen, the brand went into the creative hands of Christine Innamorato in 2006.

Since it’s inception, the brand has grown to include Shoes, Boys, Newborn, Girls and a Junior collection, called YAM, which is short for “y’en a marre” (translation: “I don’t care”). Like many of their previous collections, their Fall/Winter collection is nothing short of luxury and sophistication with it’s rich fabrics, soft textures and deep, muted tones.  It is the ultimate in Parisian luxury with all of the style, romance and details you would expect from a Paris fashion house.

The Bonpoint creative process relies on rigorous standards and unrivalled expertise.
Christine Innamorato’s designs are brought to life at the label’s couture studio in Paris.
Every design is meticulously executed in a pattern, and fittings on babies
and children are used to fine-tune a perfect Bonpoint garment.

See the Fall/Winter 2015 collection as well as the current collection here

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