The 23 Best Stores for Fashionable Girls Tween Teen Clothing

What are the most popular tween brands or stores? Sure, we have our go-to shops here such as Target, Justice, Old Navy and Forever21 but when you want something a little different than the average clothing for girls and tweens, you have to look further. Sometimes finding sophisticated, unique or high fashion clothes for girls, teens and tweens can be a challenge. I have scouted out a few of my top picks of clothing stores in the USA and abroad where you can find some of the best sophisticated styles (in a variety of budgets). Many are online and ship worldwide, too.


Moderate-High End:

    1. Zara Women’s Clothing
      Zara  Girls/Tween up to 14
    2. Ralph Lauren Girls – Juniors
    3. River Island Girls, Tween and Teen
    4. Boden (Mini Boden) Girls/Tween/Teen 9-16 Years
      Mini Boden – Girls
    5. Benetton Kids, Girls, Tween, Teen
    6. ASOS Teen, Junior
    7. TopShop Teen, Junior
    8. Children’s Salon – (online, Girls to 14)
    9. Shan and Toad – Online
    10.  Cyrillus Paris (online, worldwide shipping)

Online and Department Stores:


12. Amazon Fashion is quickly becoming a #1 go to for fashion – check out the Juniors Top Picks

13. Neiman Marcus

14. Nordstrom – Girls, Tween

15. Macy’s

Moderate – Budget:

16. Zulily

17. Brandy Melville

18. American Eagle

19. J Crew

20. Aeropostale

21. GAP

22. Uniqlo (US) Girls thru Juniors | Uniqlo UK

23. H&M Girls 8-14 (and up)

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11 thoughts on “The 23 Best Stores for Fashionable Girls Tween Teen Clothing

  1. Excuse me,but all of these are way over my budget. I come back to this website bout once every few months and u suggest the same clothes,that, TBH could only be affordable if you have a considerable amount of money to spend. Maybe you can make a list with actual places most people can afford.


    1. Wal-mart and Target is cheap if you’re looking for cheap, budget shopping. H&M, Justice and Forever 21 as mentioned above are also considered budget brands. Anything cheaper than that? I’m not sure, besides Platos Closet and Goodwill. As stated in the opening of the post:”we have our go-to shops here such as Target, Justice, Old Navy and Forever21″. This blog post wasn’t about cheap stores, it was about the best options for girls who want more fashion-forward items in a variety of budgets.
      Thank you for reading! 🙂


  2. I like the store ivivva for my daughters it’s not the cheapest but very cute it’s a lot like lulu lemon but for kids and i think it might be the same owners.My daughters love shopping there she also likes justice and forever 21.And one other thing is love on a hanger it’s in Cherry Hill Nj and it’s really nice.Sadly a couple months ago it got burnt down but I think it’s almost finished being re-built.I hope I helped you all.I know how it’s sometimes hard to find go stores.My 2 daughters are 10 and I have a son that is 5 if anyone needs advice on boys clothes
    Thank you


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