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Fall/Winter ’16-17 Fashion Trends for Teens

What are the top trends for teens and tweens this winter?



Juniors Fall/Winter 16-17 Key Trends

Chunky, Oversized Cropped Sweaters

Cropped Sweaters are key items this season. I personally like to find these at thrift and second hand stores. The ones pictured here are very similar to the late 80s, early 90s vintage sweaters. Try your local goodwill if you want authentic 90s style. If you want new that looks vintage, check out Urban Outfitters or Forever21.

Oversized Cardigan Sweaters
Another great find at a local thrift store! These are very 90s grunge.

Leather Biker, Moto Jackets

Satin Bomber Jackets

Satin Bomber Jacket – $34.99

Jeans in Black or Indigo Bonus points for high waist style or rips. Vintage Levi’s are #1
Black jeans give us a warmer alternative to leggings

Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops and Adidas Old Skool Sneaks

Short Boots – I am obsessed with short boots right now. I just ordered a pair of leather Hush puppies in black and I can’t wait to wear them

Plaid Flannel Shirts

Vintage Harley Biker Tees or Band T-Shirts.  Try: Junk Food Tees

9 thoughts on “Fall/Winter ’16-17 Fashion Trends for Teens

  1. Super helpful. I really love bomber jackets and boyfriend jeans. However, I have noticed lighter wash denim is more popular now…but that’s probably because I just spent a week in NYC, the land of street style 😛


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