Tween Brand Spotlight: Bardot Juniors

This week’s cool Tween clothing brand is focusing on Bardot Junior, the fashionable tween clothing line that is the mini me style of the year!


Launched in 1996, the Australian fashion powerhouse Bardot creates some of the hottest fashion styles for women every year. Bardot has become the fashion destination for women. In 2004, Bardot began Bardot Junior for cute girls, tween and juniors clothing.


Bardot Junior is stylish and sophisticated clothing for girls, tweens and juniors. The girls dresses are simply perfect for parties, weddings or everyday spring wear.

Their collections capture the imagination of little ones and reflects the true essence of youth. Bardot Junior offers tween fashions that are both practical and playful for Girls, Tweens and Juniors in a wide array of tops, bottoms, dresses, party dresses and accessories in sizes 4 – 16

Bardot and Bardot Junior is perfect for globetrotting fashionista teens and moms because they ship worldwide! 😉

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Amazon Juniors Fashion

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