Why Vintage Levi’s are Everything Right Now

To hottest new trend in women and juniors denim: Vintage Levi’s.
Lived in Levi’s are everything, and they are all a girl really needs for jeans.
They are uniquely American, authentic, original. And what we all want right now is original. We don’t want to just wear and look like every skinny jean that just rolled off the Forever21 or American Eagle assembly line. Levi’s jeans offer us decades of styles, fits, colors, washes -and the tried and true Levi’s 501 jean which is everybody’s favorite.  Including mine.
What I love about wearing my Levi’s 501’s is they don’t feel like I am trying too hard. They didn’t feel pretentious. They let me feel like me.
And they fit me they way they need to fit: like a classic American jean that has been nicely broken in. I have several pair of 501’s in a more slim fit, as well as boyfriend fits. Every time I wear them I get compliments, too.


The awesome thing about Levi’s is you can wear them however you want. Whether it be jeans or cutoff shorts, stonewash, dark or rip and repair.


Live in Levi's

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