Allison Williams says Goodbye to ‘Girls’ for Season Finale

Actress Allison Williams, also know as “Marnie Michaels” on the award winning HBO show, Girls, bids farewell after 6 seasons. She will tune in tonight to watch the series finale and the final episode of Girls with creator and co-star Lena Dunham.


In an interview with TheWrap, Allison talks about the way the producers chose to wrap the series, which was very unconventional for most productions cast and crew for a final shooting.

I was sad we weren’t all going to be in the same place when the show wrapped because it’s such an emotional moment and it felt strange to know that we were saying goodbye to people who are very close to us before we said goodbye to the show en masse. But I guess it made it more emotionally manageable because the fact that everyone wasn’t done at the same moment meant that everything was more slow and gradual and less of a shock when it was finally over.

At a deeper level, Allison feels as though her experience on the show has helped her grow personally as well as professionally. In an interview with TheWrap she says the show really helped her with to become more confident and patient. She tells TheWrap, “Girls gave me a sort of critical eye towards the projects that I take on because I knew what it looked like to be a part of something that was created carefully. I wanted to be a part of projects that made deliberate choices and took risks”.
Girls-HBO-TV Series
Despite her character’s straight-laced and sometimes rigid personality on the show, Allison is a comedian. While at Yale, Allison Williams was a member of the improv comedy troupe Just Add Water for 4 years, as well as a part of the YouTube series College Musical. Williams also wrote a series of Funny or Die sketches, in which she starred as newlywed Kate Middleton. She was cast for the role as Marnie on Girls when Judd Apatow saw her “Nature Boy” mashup video on YouTube.
Watch ‘Girls’ series finale will air Sunday (tonight), April 16 at 10 p.m. on HBO.

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