24 Ways to Rock a Crimped Hairstyle

24 Ways to Rock a Crimped Hairstyle

80’s hairstyles are back and crimped hair is cool again. Crimped hair is a hard one to pull off, and nobody wore it quite as well as Daryl Hannah did in ‘Splash’. She is and always will be our queen mermaid. The key is making it not look so uniform, and combining it with straight locks and/or waves.

We saw a mild introduction of crimped hair styles in 2016 and it looks like they could emerge this summer. Be ready!


24 photos show you how to wear crimped hairstyles this summer while you’re mermaiding out at the beach, or rocking out at the festival <3

Daryl Hannahs mermaid hair combined crimps and waves. This look can be achieved using a crimping iron with different plates, or with multiple all-over small braids while hair is damp and releasing them the next day.

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Beyonce rocks crimped hair like no other

Get the look with a crimping iron. You might be lucky enough to find one at a Goodwill store, or you can grab one on Amazon for $35 or less.

Gold N’ Hot GH3013 Gold Tone Crimping Iron, 2 Inch – $26, Amazon.com

Hot Tools 2″ Gold Crimper – $35 Amazon.com

Bed Head Deep Waver – $17.99 Amazon.com


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