4 of The Best Leggings Brands for Tweens

4 of The Best Leggings Brands for Tweens

OK, so it’s more than obvious that leggings are a wardrobe necessity for girls. Whether cotton, lycra, solid colors or prints, active or casual, leggings are replacing denim. It doesn’t even matter what time of the year it is, leggings are the #1 selling product for girls and women’s apparel, leaving denim in the dust. But don’t take my word for it.

Piper Jaffray, via Business Insider

So since leggings are now king of the hill in apparel, which leggings rank as number one? Which girls legging brand offers the best styles, prints, quality and fit?

The BEST girls, tween and women’s leggings :

Berry Jane™

Berry Jane  – Berry Jane leggings are what happens when fun street wear mixes with high quality activewear.  Their printed leggings collection is made from an ultra-durable lycra/poly blend and features unique prints and bold colors.  Styles and prints change often, although they aren’t mass produced.  Everything from the fabric, waterless printing to the cutting and sewing is made in Los Angeles, USA. Sizes range from Girls 7 all the way up to Juniors XL.

Karma Points: Berry Jane is completely made in USA and they give back by donating free leggings to girls in urban communities.

Zara Terez

Zara Terez  – Zara Terez is a popular leggings collection that offers many print offerings per year. Again, made in the USA and found at many department stores.

Karma Points: The Every Mother Counts organization dedicates their efforts to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for mothers everywhere.

Black Milk – Black Milk is no secret.  I have been following their blog since 2009 and they don’t disappoint. Since their inception, the Aussie based company has had a loyal following and a long standing place in the leggings space.  Known for their innovative prints, they paved the way for the Leggings are Pants movement!


Limeapple – Awesome variety of fun athletic wear and now swimwear.  The collections are high quality and the company is dedicated to ethical practices and giving back.


The best part about these brands are the variety fun, colorful prints, the quality is unsurpassed (you won’t find cheap fabrics or see-through leggings here) and some are MADE IN USA!  They support local factory workers and keep business running here in US.


Honorable Mentions:

Forever21 is moving up in activewear for girls (and women, too!) Personally, I have a pair of their keyhole capris, and I love them, however, I am a bit concerned about the fabric. When I first got them, I would get a headache every time I wore them.  Strange, right?? Perhaps it was the chemicals in the fabric during processing, or just a coincidence. After a few washings, I have noticed no more headaches.  It was odd and disappointing because I really liked the leggings and the price was good, but not enough for me to buy more, on the off-chance there was some chemicals in the polyester fibers.

Karma Points:

Forever21: “At Forever 21, one of our core values is to encourage giving, to lend a helping hand to those who need it most. Over the years, we have carried product that has helped a number of organizations. However this year we formally introduced our Give to Love Love to Give brand, which encompasses a collection of items where proceeds will go back to a designated charity.

Our Give to Love Love to Give collection has been a huge success….we have donated over $9.5M worth of money and merchandise donations”. Forever 21 Corporate Responsibility

Ivvivva– Created by Lululemon, Ivviva offers active basic leggings at around $58 and printed leggings for $72+.  These prices are average for a quality pair of legging, but I am not sure how they cost these out.  In my own experiences, a good quality legging made overseas is anywhere from $8-$15 cost. It only costs about $8 to sew a good legging in China when you’re making them in high volume.

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