5 ESSENTIAL New Year’s Resolutions You MUST Make

5 ESSENTIAL New Year’s Resolutions You MUST Make

I am not one for New years resolutions.  I figure, a resolution to do something different or better is just as good to make any time of the year.  But there’s something symbolic about 1/1 and a new year that makes life feel like a fresh start.  So, going into 2015, here’s to new beginnings, a clean slate, the white board with 5 Essential New Years Resolutions we all should make for 2105.


1. Choose Happiness.  Did you know it takes less effort to choose happiness than it does to be angry or sad?  Understanding why we choose to be sad instead of happy is the first step in changing our behavior. For some people, taking the sad face route might have given us better results as a kid, so we continue this method into our adult lives and become accustomed to this learned method for validation and significance from others. Do not be held hostage by your circumstances, do not seek happiness in people or things. Do not feel as though you have to prove anything to anyone. Release all of your grudges, if you have any, because holding onto any of that anger only hurts you.

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2. Eat better. Eat Organic as much as possible. Treat your body right and give it the healthy nourishment it needs.  This means, know what your’re eating and make conscious decisions about it.  What’s in your food?  I have resolved to make sure I work harder this year and every year after to eat organic.  Not just “all natural” but certified organic and try my darnedest to seek out non-GMO foods.  If you aren’t sure what GMOs are, check out this site or watch “GMO OMG”, a documentary about our food.

3. Get out there and Discover Discovering the world around you is not only beneficial for learning about the way the rest of the world lives, but it teaches you perspective and a lot about yourself. I am not saying you have to do a year-long backpack tour around the world, but just taking the time to visit another city or state, a museum or just doing something completely different than you would normally do -THAT is the essence of adventure and discovery.


4. Find Your Passion  What happens if you don’t know what that is yet?  The recipe for finding and following your bliss Think about all of the the things, people, places, events, activities that you LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.  Write them down.  Connect the dots and really think about it, and explore it! Even if it sounds a little crazy, it doesn’t matter!  Your passions are YOURS and yours alone. It isn’t up to anyone else to say otherwise.


5. Give to Others and Be Kind I can’t express how important this is.  We all hear the phrase “it’s better to give than receive”. But all cliches, phrases and quotes aside: It truly IS better.  I believe that selfishness is as much a learned behavior as giving is.  We see a lot of this at an early age from those around us who always fear “there isn’t enough”.  So with the thought that there isn’t enough, we feel as though we have to hoard and protect. There is enough.  On any given day here in America, most of us have more than enough. We just don’t know it. If you are reading this, most likely, you have all that you need and most of what you want. It’s all about perspective. There are many people out there in the world, and even in our own country who could use our help.  Most of us have the ability to help big in small ways.  Even if it’s with a food donation.


Understanding all of the wonderful things you have, and realizing you can help (even if it seems small) are what makes the act of giving so special and life changing.

Here’s to a HAPPY and Healthy 2015!!

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