5 Stylish Ways to Break Through the School Dress Code

5 Stylish Ways to Break Through the School Dress Code

Recently a reader commented that her school had very strict dress codes which required dresses to be at least to the knees and sleeves to be at least 3″ in length. What’s a girl to do??  In recent reports, many female students are getting fed up with dress codes that treat them as “distractions”.  But instead of protesting, perhaps it’s best we come up with some simple, stylish solutions.  In a previous blog post, I list the many awesome ways to dress up a school uniform, and this dress code subject is (kind of) no different.

My dear reader was right.  Finding longer sleeve dresses that are knee length is TOUGH! I was able to find a few solutions that weren’t Amish wear, though.  And I hope my suggestions and solutions to the strict school dress codes help you look and feel most importantly like YOU.  

  1. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box a little and take inspiration from other styles around the world, such as the ultra-cute layering looks you’ll find in Japan:


Layer your shorter dresses with longer skirts underneath and layer tops with cardigans and leggings under dresses. Have fun with it and make it your own!




2. OK, I love the skater skirts as much as everyone else, but sometimes, it’s just not allowed. For the short skater skirts, try a pair of cute leggings underneath (if that’s allowed?) or go for my second favorite, the longer knee-length or a..

3. Midi skirt! 🙂 These are very popular right now in Juniors..so finding one for Girls and Tweens could be a challenge.  You might try Forever21 or Hollister for you older girls in the 14-16 size ranges.

Midi skirts are versatile and you can wear it with your favorite 3/4 length top or even a cute Tee like this striped one from JCrew. Or try a super cute tulle skirt like this one I found from Daisy Petal:

AF midi Skirt
Hi-Lo Midi Skirt by abercrombie

4. Drop Waist dresses tend to run a little longer.  Ella Moss has a really great pink dress with longer sleeves:

icon5. Pair a maxi skirt with a blouse to make one great (dress-code safe) look, like these two by Speechless:




If a simple dress is what you’re looking for, these two could be an option (depending on the length and your height), both are by Monteau Girl (again, layering with a longer skirt underneath could be really cute!)




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