Amazing DIY Nail Art Ideas That Your Friends Will Envy

Amazing DIY Nail Art Ideas That Your Friends Will Envy

I am always so amazed by the incredible nail art I see out there.  Just when I think I’ve seen almost every possible creation, I find more ladies who blow me away with their steady hand and creativity!  I’m so envious because I don’t have the patience to paint my nails like this. Mine would probably end up a sloppy mess, but this girl knows what she’s doing!

I just discovered, Alina who runs Nail Saga, the nail art blog devoted solely to the art of nail polish.  And best of all, she provides TUTORIALS for each design for gals like me who need the step-by-step instructions!  🙂  She shows you how to create a beautiful at-home manicure with nail polish & nail art designs.  And in perfect timing for Valentines Day, she has this super cute grey base coat color with polka dots and hearts in a design that I LOVE:

Perfectly Polished Hearts Nail Art

I think her Galaxy design might be my favorite, though!

I once knew a girl who literally changed her nail color every day. She was obsessed with nail polish.  (Of course, if you do this, you’ll want to keep your cuticles nice and soft before and after all of this nail beautification!) 🙂  And, for the girl who just can’t get enough colors, Essie has the best selection of nail polish colors for your nail art obsession.

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