Are Wireless Bras Worth The Hype?

Are Wireless Bras Worth The Hype?

Could we be entering a new era of the bra?? Intro: Wireless Bras. For the longest time, girls went from the cotton training bra to an underwire bra. There were no other options, really. At least, that’s how I remember it. Now we have brands like So, Old Navy,  Yellowberry and Delicate Seams, specifically designed bras for tween and pre-teen girls. We have sports bras, hybrid bra/sports bra styles, lined, lightly lined, unlined, push up, add two cup sizes, bralettes, demi, full coverage, etc. The options start to get kinda ridiculous. We have come a long way since Mary Phelps Jacobs’ bra patent over 100 years ago (which was really just a ribbon and a handkerchief sewn together).

With the controversy on whether or not tight underwire bras cause cancer, we have seen more brands offering the wireless style bra. And according to a lot of reviewers online, they have given up wire lined bras forever! So, I decided to weigh in on the new wireless bra and see if the hype is worth tossing out my old bras for the new.

Here’s how it went.

I recently went bra shopping. After upgrading to a larger dresser and cleaning out my drawers, I realized I had A LOT of bras that I just didn’t like. I had everything from underwire to sports bras, bralettes, cotton t-shirt bras and even a vintage style from the 80s. But for whatever reason, I didn’t seem to like any of them. I have wanted to get away from underwire bras, (mostly for comfort) so a few years ago I actually removed the wires in a few of my bras to see how it would fit or feel, but they didn’t perform quite as well as they used to (big surprise) :/

Sports bras have been a much friendlier option lately, but finding the right fit and coverage is tricky, too. They can be either too tight and “smushing”,  or too loose and shifty. Full disclosure: I am a 34D. So finding a comfortable band that fits, with the right cup is challenging. I know a lot of girls and women may face different challenges when it comes to finding the best fitting bra. The key is having yourself properly measured. If you haven’t done so yet, a tailor or seamstress can provide assistance in this area. A Victoria’s Secret team associate can also conduct a proper fitting for you as well. Note: If you are anywhere in the A to B range, you are probably going to have a lot better fit with the wireless bras.

Which Wireless Bras Have the Best Fit?

I decided to try out two brands and 3 styles: American Eagle’s Sunnie Wireless Lightly Padded BraVictoria’s Secret Wireless Bra  and the VS Pink Wireless bra.

The two brands are priced accordingly. I got the AE (Aerie) bra on sale for $25 and the VS and VS Pink bras are priced anywhere from $34-$38.

Wireless Bra Comparisons

The VS wireless bras were both adjustable with back closure and adjustable straps. I liked this feature a lot. The fabric was nice and the construction was good also. I had high hopes for both of them but the Victoria’s Secret PINK bra (Cool and Comfy) only came in sizes S, M, L  at the store, and I got the Med. (due to cup size).


VS Wireless T-Shirt Bras
VS PINK Wireless Cool and Comfy Bra

As suspected, it did not fit me (cups were actually too small) and the idea of going up to a Large would have meant the band would probably be too loose, even with the adjustable back closures. ((sigh)) Now looking on the website, I see they have created a new size the Small – DD. ??

With all of these sizes now, how did women function in the 1950s??
Oh wait, they had to wear THESE monsters:


The second wireless bra from Victorias Secret (the T-Shirt Lightly Lined Wireless Bra) didn’t offer much in the way of style but it did seem functional. Again, I had high hopes it would be a good bra to fall in love with. It didn’t have full coverage and again, shifty-ness and “spillage” occurred. The sides didn’t offer enough coverage, either. 

Ultimately, both bras ended up being returned the store. Although they were adjustable, which I liked, there was just not enough structure to stay put. They both shifted too much and felt more like a loose sports bra with minimal coverage than a bra. At that price, I am better off buying a decent sports bra for $15-$20

Next in line was the American Eagle Wireless Sunnie Bra – $39.99 (on Sale for $25)

The pros: I was pretty happy with this one. It’s soft, lightweight and made from a smooth, stretchy fabric. It looks like it will wash and dry well (I always recommend hand washing delicates or washing in a mesh laundry bag on gentle cycle with a gentle detergent – air dry!). Although it’s a wireless bra, it still has structure, fits comfortably and offers nice support and coverage on the front and the sides of the cup (major bonus points!). The lining is the right amount. The straps are soft and flexible without digging into the skin. This bra comes in 30A-40DD, so it offers the perfect size range for tween girls through women.

The cons: There is no back clasp. This can be a good or bad thing. Some people like the ‘no clasp’ design for ease and comfort. Even without the back closure, I could definitely fall in love with this bra.

Secondly, the straps aren’t adjustable. Again, I think this bra was designed with comfort and smooth lines in mind. Other than those two differences, the coverage is pretty great, it’s comfy and it stays put! Not to mention the price is right on. Because of the no back clasp design, you may have to try on a few before finding the perfect fit. Again, why I like an adjustable closure. But, this one is a winner. I will give this wireless bra a big thumbs up 👍 and a solid 4 stars   for comfort and value! If you’re looking for a wireless bra that is a hybrid of a sports bra and a regular bra, this one might not be the right fit, but it’s pretty great as an everyday bra.

American Eagle Sunnie Lightly Padded Bra (available in Demi or Full Coverage), $25


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