Best Self-Tanners for Summer 2017

Best Self-Tanners for Summer 2017

Summer is here! That means BEACH and Pools and sunshine getaways! Before I go anywhere that requires a swimsuit, I have to get some color in my skin! I have tried a lot of self-tanners. A lot. I’m kind of impatient and I no longer want to lay in a tanning bed because it’s pretty dangerous and terrible for your skin. (Although, I will say I do sometimes miss those fake rays in the winter). Here are the reviews on my favorite sunless tanners. These are ones I have personally tried and tested (nope, I wasn’t paid for a single one, so I will be giving a 100% unbiased review), and these are the best self-tanners I have found on the market today.


Most self-tanners leave me streaky, too dark or with no color at all. And most smell like, well, that funky corn self tanner smell. The good news is, self tanners are getting better. So, I have been a guinea pig and tried almost all of them for you so you can skip the line and go right for the best ones without much headache.

Here are the top best self tanners of 2017

1. St Tropez bronzing foam

This one does have an instant bronzer built in, so you may get it on your clothes. Sorry! Everything that makes us pretty has a bit of a price sometimes, right? Well worth the price of $42, as it will most likely last you all Spring until your real beach tan takes over. $42

Even after the pleasant smell goes away, you aren’t left with too strong of a DHA. I always recommend applying tanning products at night after you shower and exfoliate.

For those who want a faster tan, try St. Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse, This one is faster. This takes 1-3 hours to develop depending on the level desired. $44 Amazon

BUDGET TIP: If you want to try a comp to the St Tropez foaming mousse, try Jergens foaming tan mousseit’s only $12.99!



2.  Vita Liberata Phenomenal Self Tan

Vita Liberata has no smell, which is awesome. It’s very easy to apply (wear gloves or a mitt). It’s also very easy to apply because it is tinted and you can see where it’s going. It dries super fast and seems to last longer than most self-tanners. Compared to St. Tropez, Vita Liberata gives you more of a true”golden” tanned shade. I love St. Tropez, but the tint may not be for everyone, especially if you don’t want the olive colored tan. I tried the medium and was able to achieve the darkness I wanted in 2 applications. This one is a great self-tanner and pricier than St. Tropez, but it’s  pretty much odorless  very natural-looking, streak-free and lasts longer than any others I have tried. Also, it contains natural and organic extracts and zero toxins. 🙂  $54

3. L’Oreal Sublime Bronze

I have used this one for a few years and I really like it. I will say, using the application glove or tanning mitt is very helpful in achieving the best results. I like that this one has instant bronze and it’s available in shades of Medium or Dark. It goes on rather easily but it doesn’t dry as fast as you’d probably like, so you’ll want to be patient. Overall, you should get a nice, even tan if you remember to exfoliate and moisturize well before you apply (I like to use an exfoliating scrub or a natural sponge in the shower pre-application). It’s a good value, and a little goes a long way. $8.47

4. L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Pro Perfect Airbrush Tanning Mist

I’m not as big of fan of this one as I’d like to be, and here’s why: The tan is very subtle. I didn’t see too much of a change in my skin tone the next day after I used it. I am olive complexion and light skin, so I expected more results. Perhaps I didn’t use enough? The second time I used it, it was a little better, but again, very light. If you want just a little color and nice, even coat with no streaks, this is a good self tanning mist for you. It is a little pricey and it may only last a few applications. The good part about it is, you can reach all of those hard to reach places (your back) and it’s a nice, even tan. $9.47

5. Jergens Daily Glow Moisturizer

I’m a big fan of the Jergens sunless tan lotions. This one is a great daily lotion to use if you don’t mind a gradual tan and building it daily or every few days to maintain color. We should be using lotion daily, anyway, especially in the winter months, so this is a great go-to lotion that will add a warm glow without streaks and an immediate dark tan. I really love this self-tanner and the volume of product and the price can’t be beat. $8.49  They also make a version for face, also. Again, make sure you exfoliate WELL before self-tanning your face!

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