Brand of the Week: Books & Ballads

Brand of the Week: Books & Ballads

Books & Ballads was created by Preethi, a young entrepreneur and “brandinista”, who was inspired by her desire to spread happiness through clothing. After graduating from Law school, Preethi had to return home due to the sudden death of her mother. Being unemployed gave her the opportunity to explore her true passion: Entrepreneurship and fashion.  Preethi conceived the idea for Books & Ballads in January and immediately got to work creating designs that were optimistic and would make the wearer feel happier and more confident.


“My initial idea was to start a casual wear brand however, the designs received a good response and I eventually expanded our product line to three collections. I always wanted Books & Ballads to be a hybrid between a designer brand and a casual wear brand. Like we say on our website, ‘We’re the Chanel of T-shirt brands’”. -Preethi, Owner and Designer of Books & Ballads

The collection currently features a fun array of colorblocked designs on Tees, Totes and Skirts. Her goal is to expand to a full collection.

Scrolling through Preethi’s Instagram account you can certainly see the imagination and future of Books & Ballads.

For more info, or to shop the collection, visit Books & Ballads online:

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