16 Stores for Cheap, Trendy Clothing for Teens & Tweens

16 Stores for Cheap, Trendy Clothing for Teens & Tweens

Whether you are shopping for a new back-to-school fall wardrobe or a few new dresses for a summer vacation, there are a lot of options for cheap teen clothing and fashionable, trendy teen and tween styles -but very few stores are for people on a tight budget. It stands to reason why so  many department stores are struggling and closing doors: People want to find better deals on clothing and love to find designer brands at cheaper prices. This is why the off-price apparel retailers are booming.

I am a huge budget clothing shopper. I love to find designer clothes for a fraction of the actual retail price! I have literally found Prada and Chloe shoes for less than $10.

For many of us on a tight budget, (including myself) this means maximizing your dollars to get as many cool and versatile wardrobe pieces as possible. I am a fan of quality over quantity, but I also realise many tweens and teens just want trendy clothing for cheap. They know they probably won’t be wearing it for the next 2-3 years. This is a great thing for a lot of the teen secondhand stores I mention below.

When I was a tween (12 years old), I loved shopping vintage, secondhand stores and thrift stores. It was my way of getting a lot of unique, quality, though inexpensive items with my paper route salary. I also love designer brands and treasure hunting. I never knew what I was going to find, and the thrill of the hunt was fun.


Even now I am still pretty brand savvy but very spend-conscious, so I love secondhand stores like Buffalo Exchange, Plato’s Closet and Crossroads Trading (you just never know what gently used designer brands you’re going to find!) and you can trade up your current wardrobe for a whole new one! With that in mind, there are also websites such as Swap.com, Linda’s Stuff, and GreeneStreet.com where you can shop consignment online.


Not everyone wants used clothing, though. So with that in mind, here are some awesome stores for cheap juniors clothing (and women’s clothing, too!) in a variety of great brands for every budget:

Cheap, Off-Price Clothing Stores for Juniors and Women’s Clothing

Ross and TJ Maxx have a pretty good assortment of good brands and trendy clothing for girls, Tweens and Juniors.  Many of the clothing is from the larger departments stores such as Macy’s as well as budget and off-price brands.  Since they are an off-price retailer, you will get some of the past seasons and overstocks from brands and stores. These won’t be all of the latest styles, but the prices are all pretty cheap.  Plus, you can probably find everything you need in one shop (Bags, backpacks, accessories, make-up, etc.)  I especially love the Beauty products because we all know how pricey makeup and hair products can be.

Marshall’s is a great store where you can find a lot of the higher end brands at excellent prices! A lot of their clothing comes from the higher end department stores.

6pm.com this is a Zappos company, but cheaper!  I love 6PM.com so much because the prices and brands can be pretty awesome. They carry brands such as Free People, Nike, etc.  You have to hurry when shopping on 6PM though, because sizes and stock is limited and things sell out fast. I got my North Face jacket from 6PM last year and it was half price!

Zulily  One of my favorite shopping sites for cute, discount clothes, makeup and accessories. They have one of the best selections of Tween clothing, too.  The sales change DAILY, so you’ll want to visit often to see what’s being offered.  They have everything from Children, Women, Juniors, Baby and Men’s clothing and Accessories.


Forever21  Of course, this is the go-to store for on-trend and budget friendly options. Forever21 is good about moving quickly with the latest trends and their prices, variety of styles and sizes can’t be beat.  Whether you are shopping online or at the mall, F21 should be a good option for a few trendy items.

Amazon Fashion is quickly gaining traction as a #1 clothing shopping site for people on a variety of budgets looking for clothing deals. I have found some really awesome brands at cheap prices on Amazon.

ebay eBay has always been the place to go to for cheap clothing. There is a variety of new and gently worn clothing and in some cases you can make an offer on something you like. Do be careful when shopping from a company overseas and read the customer feedback before purchasing. There are a lot of Asian vendors that have cute and cheap stuff, but have disappointed many shoppers with inaccurate products, long shipping time and “too small” sizing issues.

Poshmark is an awesome app that lets you browse by brand, size and make offers on cute clothes, shoes and accessories being sold by other “Poshers”. It’s also a great way to list items for sale if you are looking to make some cash or trade your clothes for a “new” to you wardrobe.  (Use my referral code JYUOY if you sign up and get $5 in your account!)

Burlington Coat Factory It’s hit and miss and Burlington, though most of the time, you can find a few items you’ll like at a great price. The Juniors section online is super cheap, although the brands are a little ‘off’ for my taste. The dresses offer a really good selection. If it’s cheap and trendy you want, you’ll probably have fun shopping Burlington. In store and online probably offer a totally different selection, too.



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