Cinderly’s 'Littlest Mermaid' to Release for Free at SXSW

Cinderly’s 'Littlest Mermaid' to Release for Free at SXSW

“Cinderly’s Littlest Mermaid” is deemed the cutest underwater adventure game in the seven seas and it’s scheduled to launch for free at SXSW this Monday!


Have you ever wanted to explore underwater caves, and dig for the treasures of the deep? Then you were cut out for this amazing adventure! Join the Littlest Mermaid and her friends on a magical scavenger hunt for the greatest mysteries of the sea!

Beware the poisonous seaweed and treacherous coral fields. Don’t perch on the anemones – they’re your enemies. Do keep tapping forward, fortune favors the bold! Unlock turbo mermaid boosts and other underwater friends. Whoever gathers the most treasure wins!

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 9.49.06 PM
Photo: @Cinderlystyle

Laura von Holt (a.k.a. the Fairy Boss Mother) of Cinderly, Inc is the mind behind the game, which has been priced at $0.99 in the App Store, but on Monday March 13th, it will be FREE to all iPhone users! (Don’t miss out!)

You can download it here: 

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