dELiA*s is Back… and Better Than EVeR! #DeliasForever

dELiA*s is Back… and Better Than EVeR!   #DeliasForever

Back in 2010, I enthusiastically included dELiA*s in my top 10 awesomeness for girls tween brands, and sadly a few years following, had to update my post when the nostalgic 90’s clothing brand filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy a hiatus.

But TOMORROW (Aug. 6th) dELiA*s  will officially re-launch!  

After being purchased in February 2015 by Steve Russo of FAB Starpoint, the online brand is set to become a major player for the Tween & Teen market by offering a delectable assortment of graphic tees, denim, shoes, accessories and party dresses. The collections will create a perfect balance for the tween shopper by being neither “too young” nor “too old”.  And good news: receiving the “magazine” (catalogs) in the mail will still be a thing for the dELiA*s customers. Because, who doesn’t like the occasional snail mail? Especially when it’s glossy and full of cute clothes!

The dELiA*s collections are nothing short of awesome for a stylish, sophisticated Tween. Their denim offers a wide range of silhouettes that you knew and loved before such as the Olivia, Jayden, and Taylor and they will also be offering a High-Rise Jegging, the Liv. So YES, you Tweens will now be able to find cute jeans in your size again!

Here is a sneak peek into the new look and styles at dELiA*s:

Welcome back, dELiA*s!

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