Effortless Chic Swimwear: How to look gorgeous in pastels and neutrals

Effortless Chic Swimwear: How to look gorgeous in pastels and neutrals

If you’re one of the people who feel intimidated by bright tones and tend to regard very bright or extremely colorful outfits as tacky and distasteful, you’ll be glad to hear that there are a few simple ways to wear your favorite neutral hues and still look gorgeous in them. Though not exactly an ideal choice when aiming to stand out in the party crowd, outfits in neutrals and pastels have really become popular and there are a lot of positive aspects of neutral colored swimsuits when it comes to combining, mixing and matching. So, are you ready to show your true colors and shine in that pastel swimsuit? You’d better be, because we have some tips for you right here on how to wear your neutral colors this summer.

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Black and White: The endless possibilities

As you probably already know well, black and white swimwear separates can be mixed and matched with nearly any other color out there without risking to create an overly busy look. On top of the almost endless matching possibilities with both bright and solid hues, black and white will also work well with both organic and complex prints like florals, animal patterns, stripes and dots. For example, you can match a floral top with either white or black bottoms to create a stunning effect and accentuate the most flattering aspects of your figure.

black and white mixed prints bikini by CupShe – ($29 Amazon.com)


Abstract printed halter swimsuit top (works great with a variety of bottom styles!)
Pictured:  Laundry by Shelly Segal, $82 Amazon.com


Women’s Solid, High Waist Bikini Bottoms – $24 Amazon.com

Pastel heaven

Those of you who prefer pastel to neutral tones probably know already that gentle hues like baby blue, nude, soft pink and warm grey go with most solids and shades of black and white. Having a lot of pastel clothing items in your closet also means less stress when it comes to mixing and combining different patterns and prints with, say, your favorite mauve sweater. For instance, baby blue shorts will look good when paired with a pastel coral or pink swimsuit . Or try mixing pastels with a crop top tee shirt and a bikini top in solid pastel tones. Give such color combos a thought when digging through your closet next time.


This Nude colored swimsuit by Lolli looks best on darker skin tones or paired with soft floral patterned coverups and jewelry.

Lolli Smitten pastel neutral palm tree 1 Pc cutout swimsuit – $169 Amazon.com



Top: Lolli Ruffled ‘Dreamy’ one shoulder swimsuit top with pink edge detail – $115
Bottoms: Lolli pastel pink ‘love you’ bikini bottom $75 Amazon.com


Floral Kimono Swimsuit Coverup – $12.99 Amazon.com

The Neutral Colors: Khaki, Brown, Navy Blue and Metallics!

Apart from black and white, neutral tones also incorporate some other shades like khaki, brown, navy blue and a handful of metallic hues like bronze, gold, silver, pewter and gunmetal. Metallics are the new neutrals. When it comes to pairing and mixing, metallic neutral hues go best with black and white as the main neutrals, whereas browns, navys and khakis can look amazing combined with solid tones and unpretentious prints in most pastel hues. Round off your refined neutral-color outfit with a dash of gold, silver or bronze jewelry.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 12.38.16 PM.png
Tommy Hilfiger 1 pc Navy Cutout Swimsuit -$92 Amazon.com


LSpace Wrap Bikini $79 Amazon.com

Wearing your favorite pastels and neutrals in superior style is not as difficult as it may seem at first. Thanks to their neutral nature, black and whites will look great when paired with just about any other clothing item you have around, while pastels will add a special touch to your daily outfit if you pair them with some clothes in solid colors or striped designs. Mix them, match them, wear them – your radiant face will make all your pastel and neutral clothes look beautiful!

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