I’ve just recently stumbled upon Girl Sense ( I know this is probably old news, seeing as how it is just this MASSIVE community of girls, teens and probably adults like me having a wildly good time being creative.  After spending an easy 3 hours on this site, I have determined it is perhaps one of the coolest, most addicting websites online for girls and teens. I signed up for fun and before I knew it, I had created a boutique, my own apparel line, joined some groups, received a few awards and sold some 8+ items (for G-Cents, of course).  

The one thing I would like to see improved on this site is it’s organization. There are buttins to click, ads and all kinds of moving parts. It is incredibly graphics driven and I assume the bandwidth is constantly in overload mode.  However, it seems to be fairly easy to navigate once you’re in and familiar with the territory…and did I mention tons of fun.  Careful, it’s addictive!

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