Harry Styles Urges Fans to “Save The Dolphins” #DontGoToSeaWorld

Harry Styles Urges Fans to “Save The Dolphins” #DontGoToSeaWorld

The video clip of Harry Styles of the UK band, One Direction is circulating around the internet and creating major buzz, even with PETA and Hilary Clinton.  In the video, Harry is urging fans to boycott the local SeaWorld while performing on stage in San Diego, California on Thursday night. He states: “Do you like dolphins?  Don’t go to Sea World”.

The boys are outwardly involved in positive movements, such as the charity, Action2015 and Action 1 D which asks their millions of fans (Directioners) to share videos and pictures that reflect issues that are important to them.

Fans can go to action1d.onedirectionmusic.com to watch the video and fill in one of the actions listed there. The group will be adding more videos throughout the month to further encourage fans

What are your thoughts? Will you be sharing a video?

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