Here's the Biggest Nail Trend for Summer 2017

Here's the Biggest Nail Trend for Summer 2017

What are the nail trends for 2017? Every year we dive into the trending analytics of the internets to see what everyone is trending in nails and lo and behold! the results are: Chrome nails. Nails are taking it up a notch this year and laying on Metallic finishes in rainbow and almost every color of the rainbow.

Now, this isn’t a quick, out of the bottle nail trick. It’s going to require a little bit of patience to get this awesome look. But it’s really not that hard. And it’s totally worth it. Promise.


How to get the chrome finish nail color look

1. Paint on your base color. Important: Most powders require gel nail polishes. A black base color is known to bring out the best iridescent colors. I would presume a white base might be best for lighter chrome and iridescent colors. Find a good gel nail base color like Qimisi One Step Gel Polish ($3.99 Amazon)

2. Apply a no-wipe gel topcoat such as Qimisi Soak Off No Wipe Top Coat Gel Polish ($6.99 Amazon) if you use a base coat that requires a top coat. Above mentioned base coat does not require.

3. Cure your topcoat and do not wipe away tacky layer. If you have a nail drying light, perfect! If not, there are a lot that are pretty cheap, like this one for $22
4. Now for the FUN part! Get your favorite chrome nail powder! 🙂 Try Nicole Nail Powder Pigment ($14 for a set of 8) or Twinkle T ($24/ea. TwinkleT) Twinkle T seems to be better product but it’s a lot more $$.

Lightly sprinkle your powder over the entire nail. You will need a sponge buffer or silicone nail tool ($8 Amazon). THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! You have to buff it into the polish in circular motion, not just press it on top.

5. Once the nail is covered with your powder, begin rubbing the powder in a circular motion, using the silicone nail tool, or a foam applicator like a foam makeup brushes.

6. Apply a final gel top coat and cure to seal your powder. Voila!  Chrome nails!

And snap a photo and tag us @girlstweenfashion so we can see your awesome new nails!

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