How NOT to wear a Teenie Bikini! PLUS Awesome New Swimsuits To Try!

How NOT to wear a Teenie Bikini!  PLUS Awesome New Swimsuits To Try!

Have you noticed?  Swimwear is getting very interesting!  It’s not all about string bikini’s anymore and many of us are rejoicing.

After my recent trip to Florida, I discovered that swimsuit season does not have to be so scary anymore.  This is a subject I was just discussing the other day with my sister and a friend, regarding the need to fit into the current mainstream trend or what’s readily available on our department store racks, only to walk away feeling not-so-good about our body image, or frustrated by the lack of selection. Good News!  We have options!  LOTS of options!  And they are all good options, too! No matter what your size (or age).  When I was much younger, it was all about bikinis.  Looking back, I think those were the only options I, and most of my friends may have had – one piece suits and string bikinis.

The Ella Moss Belle Floral Bandini gets my vote!

The most IMPORTANT thing about swimsuits is finding one that works for you. Find one that fits and makes you feel good.  You need to be comfortable and ready to splash in the waves without a care.  String bikini’s are not made for everyone, in the same way a swimdress isn’t. Don’t force yourself to fit into something that isn’t working for you if you don’t feel comfy in it. The first rule of swimwear is the fit. Your swimwear should not make you look like you’re trying to squeeze a marshmallow into a straw, nor should you be spilling out of it.

Bikini DON'T
Bikini DON’T

Many swimsuits run small, so going up a size doesn’t hurt. This is great if you are shopping for separate tops and bottoms.  For me, I need different sizes for my top and my bottom.  Getting a Small size for both is NOT going to work.

NEW SWIMSUIT STYLES TO CHECK OUT!  Think outside the Bikini Box!

Flirty Swimskirts 

My sister recently found out that she loves swimskirts. And I have to agree, they are absolutely adorable!  She wore hers with a racerback tankini top and felt wonderful.

Apt. 9 Ruffled Skirtini (Khol’s)
Anne Cole Sarong Skirt Bottom

The best part about them is, you can feel comfortable going from surf to sand without having to bring additional clothing or coverup, if you don’t want to.

Boardshorts for Surf and Sport

I’m getting particularly fond of boardshorts for their versatility, functionality and sporty look!  I can wear them for a walk, jog or swim! Many of them may not have the built-in mesh or bikini, so you may want to buy one for back-up if purchasing online.


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Swim Rompers!!  This is a relatively “new” thing (Although functional rompers for swim have been around for a long time.  They were most popular in the 1950’s but went into hiding after the teenie bikini in the 60s) 

Lilly Pullitzer
Betsey Johnson - Rose Stripe Romper
Betsey Johnson – Rose Stripe Romper

Here’s a fab romper by Lilly Pullitzer (Left). Note to design team: Add adjustable straps, built in swim bottoms and bralette, and it’ll be a real winner!  Betsey Johnson swim romper on the Right.

Ella Moss Girl Cabana Romper

Different, Cool 2-Piece Suits 

Betsey Johnson
Betsey Johnson
Billabong Retro Friendship Suit
Victoria’s Secret Crop Swim Top
Victoria’s Secret Crop Rash Guard Swim Top

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