I Am OBSESSED With This Jewelry Collection!! #jewelry

I Am OBSESSED With This Jewelry Collection!!  #jewelry

OMG!  (and I rarely begin a blog post with OMG)
I just discovered Sour Cherry jewelry and I’m obsessed!  I don’t even know where to begin (mind is blown) because there are just so. many. fabulous. styles.

They are known for their quirky, kitschy designs which I ADORE. Within a few seconds on their website, I fell in love with about 10 different pieces, like a doughnut charm bracelet, a fox necklace, an English Breakfast ring, rings that read phrases such as: “Meh”, “Loser” and “Go Away” and PIZZA earrings that look so real you’ll want to take a bite. The level of quirk, cute, creativity and kitsch is endless, I tell you.  Endless.  Whatever your obsession, I promise you, there’s a jewelry item for it here.

Their brand new collection, inspired by Cleopatra, features gorgeous gemstones, ancient Egypt, astrology and astronomy themed jewelry pieces.  I mean, check out that star necklace!  It’s fit for any queen or goddess.

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The company, based in Sheffield England, has been making all of their jewelry in their workshop for over 5 years and has just opened up their first shop in Sheffield. Sour Cherry jewelry has been featured in numerous publications, including Cosmopolitan.
They are also planning to launch a clothing collection within the next year. And if it’s anything like their super cool jewelry collections, I can’t WAIT to see what they come up with!


Sour Cherry currently sells their collections online through their website (and ships worldwide!) But they are also sold on Modcloth and Amazon.com.

Go check it their amazing new jewelry collection and all of their other incredible pieces – and be sure to let me know which items you fell in love with!

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