The last flat iron you will ever need

The last flat iron you will ever need

I’ve just discovered the IZUTECH Flat Iron and all I can say is WOW!  Quite simply, this is the last flat iron you will ever want to use! It is one of the most desired flat irons in the industry for the simple reason that it gets consistently awesome results every time you use it. Beware of knockoffs, though!  (If the seller is asking less than $100, it’s probably not authentic)

Izutech flat iron

Izutech, which is made in Korea is generally used by salons and professional stylists worldwide but it’s now available to consumers. This incredible flat iron heats in less than a minute (30 seconds!) and can be used on all hair types: super frizzy and curly, fairly and extra coarse, medium thick, and colored hair.

What I love the most about this flat iron is the quick heating for girls on the go and the high quality titanium plates that are designed to keep static electricity at bay as well as smooth cuticles to revive dry and damaged hair. This is especially valuable during the dry winter months!  It’s not cheap, but it’s GOOD. And probably the last flat iron you will ever buy.

To purchase: Izutech flat Iron (Authorized Dealer)

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