Lady Gaga As Garbage

Lady Gaga, artist Jason MercierCalifornia-based artist, Jason Mercier, also known as the celebrity junk drawer artist has unveiled his latest creation: Lady Gaga.  Jason uses everyday junk items (i.e. bottle caps, used makeup containers, toothbrushes, lighters, etc.) to create the mosaic portraits of such notable celebrities as Barak Obama, Pink, Donald Trump, Morgan Fairchild, Andy Warhol, Debbie Reynolds, Pam Anderson, Prince, Rosie O, Ru Paul and Kathy Griffin.  I am amazed by his work and you really have to see it to believe it.  I’m hoping to catch a peek in San Fran this Spring!

The artist will be showing his works March 17th on Melrose Ave. at Ghettogloss and then in San Fransisco at Given from April-May (details)

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  • in my opinion lady gaga is yet another savvy performer, intent on gaining fame and wealth, in the manner of someone like madonna, both of whom create dance music with a somewhat artistic, highly fashion-centric, conceptul angle. if republicans have a problem with her, it is more likely because her imagery regarding sexuality and femininity raises the hackles on their pimply, chauvanistic asses, far more than any controversy over her artistic impact culturally and intellectually.

    • Thanks for commenting! We weren’t saying she was garbage, we were referring to the artist, who uses “garbage” to create beautiful mosaics. Lady Gaga is his latest creation.

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