Meet Lexi, one of the Youngest Certified Yoga Instructors in USA! #Yoga

Meet Lexi, one of the Youngest Certified Yoga Instructors in USA!  #Yoga

I have personally had the opportunity to speak with and work with Lexi Hidalgo, one of America’s youngest certified yoga instructors.  Being the daughter of a yogi, Lexi tried yoga before attending a yoga retreat in Costa Rica at 13, and since then she’s been on fire.  She states, “I fell in love with this amazing phenomenon about a month before I went to Costa Rica. That trip changed my life in more ways one could possibly count”.

Lexi Hidalgo, one of the youngest certified yoga instructors

Being as young as she is, you can imagine it was difficult to find a yoga studio who would allow Lexi to attend certification classes, but she didn’t give up.  A studio called Yoga Fox accepted Lexi and she began taking classes with women and men old enough to be her parents.  Still, she didn’t let it stop her.


Today Lexi is a certified yoga instructor (not a bad gig!), a brand ambassador for Berry Jane Yoga and Luna Jai Yoga and Activewear and on her way to paddleboard stand up yoga certification and kids yoga training.

Lexi is truly an inspiration to all of us, no matter what our age is.  No doubt we will all be seeing a lot of her in the future.  Thank you, Lexi, for bringing your rays of sunshine into the world!

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