8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Honey on Your Skin

8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Honey on Your Skin

I’m a big advocate for all-natural products. I think Mother Nature is really good at what she does, and secondly, honey is a health and beauty remedy that has been used for centuries. It’s been said that Cleopatra used honey as a skin treatment.  Honey is not only loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that can benefit your body when taken internally, but it will increase the health of your skin when applied topically. The pH level of honey is very close to your own skin’s natural pH level, so it won’t create an imbalance in your skin’s natural acidity levels.  Many of the skin cleansers on the market contain a lot of chemicals which not only disrupt your skin’s natural Ph levels, but are absorbed into your body. So, what are the benefits of using honey as a cleanser or face mask?

The 8 benefits of using honey on your skin:

To fight acne  Honey reduces breakouts due to its natural antibacterial properties.

Anti-aging: Honey is a natural anti-ageing and skin repairing serum. It rejuvenates your skin with it’s amino acids and vitamins.


Exfoliation without the harsh scrubbing. The acid in honey is like gluconic acid that accelerates the shedding of dead skin cells. It’s like a gentle scrub that doesn’t damage your delicate skin tissue.

Natural Antiseptic Honey can be used as an antiseptic. Manuka honey can be used on burns and cuts as it’s resistant to bacteria and infections. It is said that honey is a natural

Antiviral and Antifungal, so it’s good for so many skin conditions.

Moisturizer: If using honey on your face as a moisturizer, it is best to use it as a mask and mix with fatty acid ingredients such as avocado.

Antioxidants Honey is high in antioxidants which aid in skin repair and remove free radicals.

The organic honey facial cleanser by Swiss Botany gets my vote for product lines using natural honey as an ingredient.



The organic natural honey face cleanser by Swiss Botany is packed full of antioxidants that protect against sun damage, iron, vitamin B, calcium, potassium and magnesium. And this is only scratching the surface on all of the amazing benefits of honey!  Check out Swiss Botany’s full range of products.


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