Preparing for the Summer in December? Yep. Here’s Why


It’s not too early to start thinking about the summer!  The beach, the warm sun, the sand, lemonade.. I know, it sounds crazy!!  The turkey isn’t even cold yet and here I am, already waxing poetic about the Summer.  What can I say, it’s my favorite time of year. In fact, I spend a lot of the winter months getting myself ready for the summer and summer travels. So, here is a cool checklist to think about now through Spring Break -or to save for a cold, blue winter day when you need a friendly reminder that summer will be here before you can say ‘Waikiki’.

Summer is the favorite season for many. No school, no classes, no obligations- just having fun and relaxing with your family and friends. The time of vacations, parties and beginnings of biggest loves of all time. We all wait for it all year long, and it still feels like it came out of nowhere when it actually comes. What we often put aside, while finishing all our exams and tests, is to adequately prepare our body for the sunny days. This doesn’t mean only becoming physically fit, but actually preparing inside and out for this time of year.

Get Your Body in Shape
This is obviously the number one thing most people will think about when new year’s season is over and we stop stuffing ourselves with the delicious cuisine from our mom and/or grandmothers kitchen. Many say that short but intense workouts in at the AM work best because they will increase the post-workout calorie burn and actually produce more muscle mass.  Join a team or a class for dance, volleyball, gymnastics, or whatever interests you. I have even seen mom and daughter yoga classes! The winters can sometimes put us in a slump and it’s easy to want to hibernate. Just make sure you’re eating well-balanced, HEALTHY meals and getting that daily movement that your body needs.

Nothing says summer-ready like a warm golden glow, right?  Self-tanners, while extremely popular and quick, are a short-term solution and they won’t stick for long when you’re constantly swimming around in pools or in the ocean. Plus, besides paying for an airbrush tan, they can be tricky with the streaks. They are great if you really have sensitive skin or just prefer self-tanners over the sun. I like Jergens when I want something very gradual, but when I’m ready to take off on vacay, I LOVE St. Tropez sunless bronzing mousse!  If you are used to spending more time outdoors the best solution for a sun-kissed glow is one that is accomplished gradually.  When the sun comes out from behind the clouds, you can always try getting a bit of color by working out at the beach or outside where you live. In fact, running or doing exercises on sand will give you really good results. Taking a little time in the morning sun will slowly build up your tan in a natural, healthy way, as the UV rays won’t be as harmful as if they would be when you are laying at the beach around noon –and for hours at a time. This of course doesn’t mean that you should neglect putting on a generous amount of SPF. Sun damage is serious and can be permanent.  Be good to your skin.

And don’t think that laying around in a tanning bed is adequate preparation of the skin for the harsh summer Sun, as this could have bad consequences for your skin and health.

Take Care of Your Skin
During winter and spring, your body is mostly covered with different types of fabric to protect you from the cold. As a result of this and sometimes getting a bit lazy with taking care of our skin, it becomes dry and flaky. You’ll want to make sure you exfoliate regularly and hydrate with a rich moisturizer. I really like sugar scrubs the best, they are less drying. One to try is Virgin Coconut Sugar Scrub. It has nothing but yummy goodness inside!

In the summer you will be exposing your skin non-stop, and it’s not only important to keep it beautiful and radiant, but also to keep it healthy and hydrated because the Sun, sand and salt will dry it out. This is why you should always make sure to drink a lot of water during the summer and always bring some with you.  Carry a stainless steel water bottle or a BPA-free water bottle with you, and skip the  disposable plastic!

When it comes to skincare, don’t forget to regularly maintain your skin with a light but rich moisturizing lotion such as Cetaphil or Nivea; you can even layer it if you want- this will help save your skin (and tan) for as long as possible and make your skin soft, even after a long day in the sun.

Get Ready For the Beach!
This is the place you’ll probably spend a lot of time during the summer, and therefore it is completely logical to pack your beach bag with all the necessities you will need. Besides ladies Australian swimwear or girls swimwear which you can get online, you’re going to have to fill up your beach bag with necessities like a big fluffy towel, water bottle, an SPF spray, some hair clips, a book or a magazine, and all other things you find you will need for a perfect relaxing day. Like these top picks from BAKU Swimwear:

BAKU swimwear for Girls
BAKU swimwear for Girls
BAKU Harlequin Beach Bag
BAKU Harlequin Beach Bag

These are a few things you should have in mind before the summer, just so you wouldn’t have to deal with red aching skin and worrying about how your swimsuit will fit. All you have to do is grab your sandals and get going!

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