Read This Before You Buy a Satin Lined Beanie

Read This Before You Buy a Satin Lined Beanie

Love beanies? If you’re like me, you probably have an arsenal of beanie hats for every season in a variety of colors and knits. We all know the dry winter months can wreak havoc on your hair. I wear beanies every day during the winter and not only does it give me the dreaded hat hair, but the fibers from the beanie dry out my hair pretty bad. I didn’t realize this was going on, exactly, until I learned about the satin beanies and read into it further. (I do use a lot more hair oils and moisturizers during the winter but sometimes it’s just not enough).


I love the look (and warmth) of beanies, so I’m not going to give them up but I was happy to hear about satin lined beanies that promise to improve my hair. Sounds alright to me. So, I decided to investigate a little more into these miracle workers for winter hair. The reviews are mixed but most people seem to like them a lot and see a difference.

First of all, the term ‘Satin’ is a fabric weave. It is not a fiber. Satin can be made up of several fibers. The original is silk, though there are a lot of different satin fabrics nowadays such as Nylon and Polyester. Polyester is a manmade, oil-treated polymer fabric (essentially a fabric created from oil and has the same chemical composition as plastic bottles).

Nylon is not too different, as it is made from polyamide fiber, derived from a diamine and a dicarboxylic acid that is formed into thin strands and woven into fabric. It is a synthetic fabric that utilizes the chemical by-products of coal, petroleum and agricultural products.

I definitely think satin lined beanies are A-OK for reducing breakage, but there are some important factors to consider before purchasing a satin lined cap or beanie. Some are cheaper than others, and there is a big reason why.

Here are important factors to consider before purchasing a satin lined beanie:

  1. The Satin lining in your cap should be of SILK fibers, not polyester if you want to maximize the benefits. The best Satin is made up of Silk. If it says anything other than silk on the fiber content label, reconsider your purchase. Why? Both polyester satin and natural silk satin provide benefits to your skin and hair through reduced friction. This reduces split ends in your hair, however, it won’t do anything beneficial for retaining moisture in your hair. Because silk is a natural protein, it also provides additional benefits. Natural silk is a very good thermal insulator, helping you to stay cooler during the summer months and warmer during the winter months, which supports healthy skin, hair and scalp.
  2. Polyester fabrics absorb moisture. “Polyester fabrics can pull at and suck moisture from your hair throughout the night, leaving you a hot mess in the morning”, says Debra Jaliman, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist
  3. Consider how you will use the beanie. Is it for overnight wear, or everyday wear to and from work or school? If you want an overnight beanie that keeps your hair from drying or frizzing out, you will do better with a silk lined cap. Avoid cotton caps if you’re hair is dry, as these will absorb a lot of essential oils your hair needs. If you are a casual wearer and want to avoid “hat hair”, a satin lined (poly satin) beanie may be OK for you. Silk is more expensive than polyester satin. Which stands to reason why so many of these hats are priced under $30. But if they don’t go the distance in providing what you want, you may be disappointed. Spending the $70 on a pure silk lined cap now instead of $40 now + $70 later will be more cost effective.

My suggestion is to invest in a quality silk lined cap (yes, they can be pricey) I have found an excellent Etsy store with Silk lined caps that not only upcycles, but all fiber contents in her hats are wool, silk and cashmere. AdorabellaBaby ($72, AdorabellaBaby on ETSY)


If these don’t fit your budget and you just want a nice, satin lined hat to keep the flyaways at bay, try Grace Eleyae SLAPs Slouchy Satin Lined Beanie ($37.99, Amazon) These are the best I have found thus far for a simple, knit, satin lined beanie.

If you want a hair and skin boost for nighttime, try a silk pillowcase for hair and skin health. The silk pillowcase will not only provide good protection for your hair at night while you sleep but the benefits for your face and skin are wonderful!  Silk pillowcases can range in price as well, but you can find affordable options online like the Alaska Bear 100% Silk pillowcase ($19, Amazon)


Many people who use silk pillowcases never go back to cotton or any other fiber, and swear by the benefits of a silk pillowcase for softer skin (less wrinkles) and better morning hair. I have yet to try this. I am afraid I will love it so much that my entire bedding will be replaced with silk.

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  • you can also try the Knit Beret and wear it as a beanie. I got mine at Zara and it looks very chic. however, it wasn’t lined and it got very dirty….

  • Great informative article on lined hats. I thought silk and satin lined hats meant the same thing. Now I know different.

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