Selena Gomez Style: 3 Steps to Beach Wavy Hair For The Summer!


I just adore Selena Gomez’s hair for the Kid’s Choice Awards!  It looks beautiful and (almost!) effortless!  Here’s how to do it at home:

1. To begin, Selena lets her hair air-dry with a little detangling product to enhance her natural texture. But if you’re not curly like her, spray in a beach spray like BUMBLE AND BUMBLE Surf Spray all over and rough dry to build volume and a bit of a wave.  When your hair is dry, spray Unite Beach Day spray in to define curls without making it too sticky or crunchy. Finish with a blow-dry all over while twisting sections with your fingers. Aim down to avoid frizz.

2. Once your hair is dry, take 1″ -2″ sections and wrap hair around a 3/4″ curling wand

3.  Flip over, shake out, set with hairspray and voila!   Pretty!

So what do you think?

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