Sweet, Fun Back to School Essentials For Tweens

Sweet, Fun Back to School Essentials For Tweens
Sweet, Fun Back to School Essentials For Tweens
Looking for cool back to school supplies and locker accessories for tweens and teens?  We have created a super fun roundup to make the first day back a breeze! From cute kawaii inspired school supplies to bento boxes and on the go essentials.

Here’s what to have in your backpack, and in your locker:

A zippered hoodie or pullover sweater is always a good idea to have with you. In the fall, the weather can be hit or miss and you never want to be without a layer just in case! Packing something easy and versatile like a heathered grey sweatshirt will pair well with almost any outfit, too. A Victoria’s Secret PINK hoodie is also a teen favorite brand!
Jansport Donut Backpack (ok, it doesn’t have to be the donut print, but I like it) Jansport is a good maker of backpacks, so they are one that I recommend for durability and style options.
Make sure to stock up on little everyday essentials like facial cleansing wipes as these will be great to have on the go and after gym class. I like the Neutrogena and Burt’s Bees cleansing wipes.
Sweet, Fun Back to School Essentials For Tweens :
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Hair ties!  If you have long hair, you’ll want to keep a hefty stock of hair ties on hand! I am loving the new flat elastic hair ties and headbands. They seem to last a lot longer than the old style elastics and they don’t damage or pull my hair.
Smell goods on the go! Having easy to carry size scented lotions and rollerball purse perfumes are nice to have on the go as well. I love the rollerball perfumes and Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers and mini lotions. You’ll want to consider a zippered makeup pouch to keep these items in, on the off-chance something leaks, or if you want a place to stash private items such as pads and tampons. For extra safe liquids carrying, I also recommend the reusable baggies (these are also double awesome for school lunches and snacks)
Fun school supplies with Japanese kawaii characters are my favorite! I took a trip to a few kawaii stores in Hawaii and fell in love with everything! I snagged a few scented erasers, multi colored pens and pencil cases. My favorite is anything from Tokodoki – I love the milk carton pencil case.
What are your must-have items??

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