The Best Winter Skin Care Tips for Teens

The Best Winter Skin Care Tips for Teens

Winter is pretty much inevitable, unless you happen to live in a tropical place. I love a lot of things about the winter – the festivities, the holidays, sometimes snow. But what I don’t like is what it does to my hair and skin. It’s like a daily ritual to make sure I’m hydrated and moisturized during the winter. For teens and tweens, you may be combating all kinds of skin issues right now, but don’t fret. The keys to beautiful skin are keeping skin clean and balanced. In the winter months, this can be difficult as air is much drier.

Here are some tips and some of the best tried and true skin and hair care products to keep your skin and hair glowing all winter long.

  1. First of all, drink plenty of water. Water is the #1 source of hydration for your body. Your skin, organs, hair all need plenty of water to function properly. The dry winter months are sometimes devoid of humidity and can really pull water from your body. Especially if you live in areas like Colorado where the elevation is higher and the climate is very cold and dry. I like to keep a filled water bottle with me, whether I am on the go or at home or at the office working. If you don’t like drinking water, try some a water bottle with a fruit infusion feature. Adding a few slices of lemon, cucumber, melon or strawberry is mighty sweet! 🙂
  2. Wear sunscreen. Just because it’s not summer, doesn’t mean the sun can’t burn. In fact, if you are a ski bunny, having a good SPF is crucial! I know there have been a lot of shade cast on sunscreens lately for the harmful chemicals found in most of them, but I have super awesome news. I recently found The Sun Protector by Maelove. It’s an SPF 30 sunscreen fortified with Vitamins C and E, infused with antioxidants and doubles as a makeup primer. What I love about Maelove’s genius creation is there are no harmful chemicals. It’s not often you find a sunscreen without harmful chemicals. Maelove doesn’t have Avobenzone, Oxybenzone or parabens. It’s a mineral based sunscreen developed by MIT engineers over three years of research. Pretty awesome, right? The Sun Protector by 
Maelove’s The Sun Protector

3. Exfoliate, but be gentle and don’t do it more than you need to. Dry skin is flaky and gross but if you use a good daily moisturizer, you’ll be less inclined to have to exfoliate. A gentle exfoliating sponge is pretty nice for daily use. If you use a Clairisonic brush, use the sensitive skin brush to avoid irritating your skin. I use the Mia with a sensitive brush and it works nicely for once a week.

TIP: Exfoliation and moisturizing is also key for the rest of your body to keep it smooth and glowing. I have loved Palmer’s Coco Butter lotion and Palmers vitamin E oil (if you can find it!) since FOREVER. I swear by it for soft, supple skin. I use the oil after the shower and the lotion pretty regularly in the winter as well as the summer.

4. Moisturize! Use a daily moisturizer such as Kiehl’s or Cetaphil if you have sensitive skin. And don’t forget to protect your lips also. My favorites for daily moisture are from the Lancome Genifique line, serum and repair cream. Some night repair creams are also good and necessary, like Kiehl’s overnight mask. Face oils are kind of everything right now, so I use my absolute favorite: Love Springs Eternal by One Love Organics. Love, love, love the way this oil works and smells! One Love consistently wins awards for their beauty products. <3 Not everyone’s skin will work with face oils so enter this product use lightly if your skin is sensitive to oil and results in breakouts.

5. Acne – If you are having acne breakouts, many products have chemicals, which will dry your skin out. Try using a topical spot cream such as Peter Thomas Roth Acne Spot Treatment, Juice Anti-Breakout serum or DERMAdoctor Ain’t Misbehavin’ Medicated Acne Control Serum. Because excessive drying of the skin may occur, start with one application daily, then gradually increase to two or three times daily if needed or as directed by a doctor. If bothersome dryness or peeling occurs, reduce application to once a day or every other day.

Keep your skin clean with a daily moisturizing facial cleanser or cloths. I like to use Neutrogena Hydrating cleansing wipes


Combating Dry Winter Hair

6. Conditioners and Hair Masks – Oribe’s Gold Lust Conditioner is great for regular use, and my new favorite deep conditioner is any one of the Hask hair repair hair masks These are pretty essential in the winter. Try using it 2 x per month if you have really dry hair. I dye my hair, so obviously, it’s going to be dried out more than usual.

7. Hair Oils – Hair oils also work well, like MoroccanOil and leave in conditioners are good for protecting your locks between shampoos (which, I don’t do as often in the winter). I was recently introduced to Pureology Colour Fanatic and I don’t know how I went so long without it. :/

Best hair masks and conditioners

8. Avoid styling products that dry your hair out. This means, don’t use hair sprays or beach waves sprays that contain alcohols or salts that dry hair out. Most hair styling products have alcohol in them. If you can, avoid these during the winter to keep your locks soft. There are a few products to try that offer a boost of moisturizing for pre-styling such as Sexy Hair Rose Elixir, Healthy Hair Mellow Soy Mousse and Oribe Super Shine Moisture Cream.

What are your most loved products that get you through the winter? Leave your tips in the comments below!


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