The TOP 5 ‘Must-Have’ Spring Wardrobe Items For Teens & Tweens (2015)

The TOP 5 ‘Must-Have’ Spring Wardrobe Items For Teens & Tweens (2015)

Lightweight Scarves – You can never have too many of these!  Even though it’s Spring there will still be a few cool nights!  When I lived in California, one of the two essentials that I always carried with me was a versatile, lightweight scarf. Dress up your look and stay a little warmer with a classy scarf!  A scarf that matches almost everything is always a good choice, because while the days may be warm and sunny, as soon as the sun goes down, the evenings might get a little chilly!

Cutesy Bow Print Scarf
Cutesy Bow Print Scarf
Tribal Print Scarf
Tribal Print Scarf

Make sure you have an awesome lightweight  tote bag or backpack with lots of pockets. Bags are essential to women, whether handbags, shoulder bags, cross-body bags, tote bags, evening bags, etc. Your bag is going to be a crucial element, too, on any given day if you are on an outing with friends or family.  So choose wisely. Shopping?  Hello, you’re going to need something to store all of that loot! If you aren’t into carrying around large tote bags or purses, try a small, SUPER FUN cross-body messenger bag or a purse, like the cute zombie purse pictured.  😉 Either way, you’re going to need something to carry your little “personal essentials” , train card, hair tie, sunglasses, money, i.d. and lip-gloss.  😉 It might as well be unique!

naughty-cat-change-purse zombie-color-block-shoulder-bag cartoon-figure-collection-print-backpack

Find a fun, pullover sweater or cardigan and stash it away in your tote bag or wear it around your waist.  I have learned the hard way that these are one of the most essential wardrobe pieces for Spring!  Take one with you, even if you don’t think you’ll be needing one.  You never know where you might find yourself (on the beach, perhaps?), or what the weather will do.

casual-red-pizza-sweatshirt Girls Tween Teen FUN Trendy sweatshirts
Cute swimsuits are a must have for any tween or teen!  Depending on where you live, you’ll want to have your swimsuit ready for all of the pool parties and beach days ahead!  Don’t be one of the last girls to go swimsuit shopping, only to find the leftover styles, or tops with no matching bottoms, bottoms with no tops at all (and if you do find the tops, they’re not the right size, blah blah blah).  Swimsuit shopping is NO fun.  Especially when you’re late in the game. You’ll get all the good styles  if you go early.  It’s risky, but I like shopping for swimsuits online.  It somehow doesn’t feel as overwhelming as digging through bins or racks looking for matches and sizes.  So, get those suits and get ‘em early.  Stash them away now so they’re ready to go come March-April.

OMG! I’m in LOVE with this swimsuit!

And don’t forget – Spring is that lovely time of year when everyone gets married.  Make sure you have a couple of really good informal dresses stashed away for all of those weddings you may be attending! I have found a lot of really great informal dresses that are perfect for Tweens and Teens to wear to weddings here.  What’s awesome about them is they are sophisticated and fun without looking childish.

fancy-wonderland-floral-sleeveless-mini-dress  essential-pleated-floral-princess-vest-dress sweet-sleeveless-mini-dress-with-pleated-waist

Have two dresses on hand: a fun, cutesy dress that’s perfect for an informal outdoor wedding and a safer style in a solid color that’s more classic and simple.  You can always dress it up or down, depending on your jewelry and shoe choices.  (Black ballet flats are always a good idea!)


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