The Trendiest Clothes for Tweens & Teens Right Now

The Trendiest Clothes for Tweens & Teens Right Now

What is TRENDY for Tween and Teen Clothing? You might be surprised to find out a lot has changed.

If you’re a parent, you have noticed the ins and outs, the ups and downs of the fashion market for kids. Even looking back through my own blog I have seen the drastic changes in fashion for tweens over the years. Throughout your child’s life, they have grown and outgrown everything, and with the ever-persevering march of time, the trends and styles of clothes for kids has changed immensely. With the digital age, we have seen an increased awareness in pop culture, fashion and entertainment that are unprecedented. These influences greatly impact so many aspects of our lives -and kids lives, too.

Now that your girls have become a tween, fashion is even more important. And complicated. There is a social aspect to the clothes they wear. I’m not sure much has changed since we were kids, although, I am seeing a lot more tweens and teens these days who are into their own personal style, marching to the beat of their own drum, less judgemental and are a lot more accepting of differences than what I personally experienced as a tween/teen. When I was a kid, shopping second hand, at thrift stores and Goodwill was something to be embarrassed about. Not anymore.

So what is trendy these days?  From 90’s inspired clothing to 70s rock and roll t-shirts, tweens and teens these days are stepping into a lot of vintage, feel-good vibes.

  • Cut Out “Cold Shoulders” and Off the Shoulder Tops Are Totally In

When you want your child to shine in terms of fashion trends, one of the hippest options for the upcoming year would be the blouse or less with cut-out with missing shoulders, also called “cold shoulder”. The cut out shoulders are an excellent way to stand out from the crowd and make a statement without deviating from dress code rules. Off the shoulder tops are a great option for weekends and the summer time.

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Styles to try: 

Angie Girl Big Girls Floral Lace Cold Shoulder Top Medium (10-12) Dusty rose pink $12

Full Tilt Marled Grey Long Sleeve Cold Shoulder Blouse -$19

My Michelle Denim and Ruffle Cold Shoulder Blouse Romper – $27

  • Accessories Pull an Outfit Together

While black is the best color when you’re trying to make an entire ensemble come together, any color could be used to really take an outfit to the next level. Cute shirts are improved upon by this tiniest of details, and all that you need is a ribbon and you can make a simple choker necklace.  I mean, we are seeing this 90s fashion trend all over again. Melissa Joan Hart never knew how cool she was.

Styles to try:
6 pc choker set – $5.49
Tattoo Choker – $5.89

  • Bell Sleeves and Crop Tops Are Pretty Cool Right Now

The coolest design for dresses (and blouses) right now is the addition of bell sleeves. Romantic, boho style adds a fresh, new approach to a lot of basic knits. Crop tops and oversized sweaters are everything, too. Though theses style elements are typically associated with the more teen and junior markets.
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Styles to try: 

Off-Shoulder Bell Sleeve Sweater (Wine) – $24
Amy Byer Girls White Lace Bell Sleeve Top – $23

  • Ruffles are lovely for Girls and Tweens

Ruffles have really made a new name for themselves in the tween market. They are consistently applied to a plethora of colors and fabrics in unusual placements in order to generate a more unique look.

Styles to Try:

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 3.40.26 PM.png
Ella Moss

Bardot Juniors Pink Ruffle Dress – $19.99

Ella Moss Girls’ Flutter Sleeve Tulip Dress – $66

Ella Moss Girls’ Adele multi-Ruffle Top – $5

  • Glitz and Sparkle 

Yes!  For Winter and Holiday, we are seeing stars, sparkles, hologram shine and sequins on T-shirts, dresses and shoes. There is no shortage of sparkle in Girls, Tween and even Juniors clothing. I expect this trend to continue into Spring/Summer ’17

  • Sports Chic vs. Cute Geek

Wearing sweatpants and tennis shoes in a variety of colors is a popular yet comfortable clothing option that allows kids to focus on more than their outfit during school, but with the rise in characters on TV shows and in movies with, both sides seem to be competing for the top spot in tween fashion. Either option makes for a personality statement.

  • Basic is so not basic

A basic striped tee, grey sweatpants, simple white sneakers (classic Adidas, Vans or Converse), a plain white cropped top is everything right now. Don’t underestimate the simple, yet functional wardrobe staples. Girls are loving soft basics. That is why Brandy Melville has grown so fast in popularity with tweens and teens.

Styles to try:
Scout + Ro Girls’ Striped Three-Quarter Sleeve Boat-Neck Tunic Top – $12.50


Basic Black drawstring sweatpants, Limited Too – $8


  • Vintage Levi’s

One doesn’t have to look too hard to see that Vintage Levi’s and high waist style jeans are key pieces that are happening now in teen fashion. Do one search for Teen, Vintage Levi’s and you will find a sea of Pinterest pins in girls wearing festival shorts and mom jeans.


The best place to shop for vintage Levi’s?  Try Etsy for the best selection of Levi’s jeans and shorts, ebay and your local thrift stores.

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  • high waist jeans are popular in both skinny and boyfriend fit in LA, and I’ve heard of people using black shoelaces as chokers too.

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