Top 10 Best Gifts for Holiday 2017 – Girls and Tweens

Top 10 Best Gifts for Holiday 2017 – Girls and Tweens

What are going to be the hottest toys and trends this Christmas for Kids and Teens? We are thinking gadgets, electronics, games, magic and anything with unicorns! Is your teen interested in Robots? Check out our latest BEST ROBOTS you can actually own post!

hottest toys for kids 2017

Kids are moving on to more digital, interactive toys such as WowWee Fingerlings Interactive Baby Unicorn Toy Gigi, or the Project Mc2 Smart Pixel Purse, which allows your girls to customize their purse and show off their tech genius with their own Smart Pixel Purse. Purse comes pre-programmed with over 10 animations for easy out-of-the-box play. Also, customize the multi-color LED display with your own designs or phrases using free iOS and Android app.

The L.O.L. Surprise dolls are making a lot of waves this Christmas with girls!


Does your tween love everything Unicorns? Well, this season, there is no shortage of options! Like the Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn Interactive Toy

Best Toys for Girls Tweens Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn


Don’t forget about board games, either! For the last two years, board games have really made a comeback.  New games this year such as Greedy Granny and Soggy Doggy are sure to be a hot ticket item. Remember Pie Face last year?  Silly pastimes like Slime are definitely a thing, too. With the Nickelodeon Deluxe Slimy Creations! Slime Making Kit, she can spend hours in the oddly satisfying trend of slime.

Feel like walking down memory lane with your kids? The Super Nintendo is back and preloaded with all the games you remember (Super Mario and Donkey Kong Kountry, to name a few!) From your first ride on Yoshi to the final heart-pounding escape from Planet Zebes, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition for Nintendo is pure 16-bit retro gaming perfection. Now a new, miniaturized version is here, pre-loaded with 21 of the all-time greatest games, like Super Mario Kart and the first-ever release of Star Fox 2! Just plug it in and play.

If your tween or teen loves to march to the beat of her own drum, the Cra-Z-Art SoundMoovz Musical Bandz are going to be a big hit! The wearable technology is a bluetooth-enabled, motion-activated electronic device that plays cool music and special effect sounds as you move! What??? 😀

Cra-Z-Art SoundMoovz Musical Bandz

  1. Zoomer the Enchanted Unicorn

  2. LOL Big Surprise Dolls

  3. Project MC2 Smart Pixel Purse 

  4. WowWee Fingerlings Interactive toys

  5. Greedy Granny game

  6. Soggy Doggy game

  7. Nickelodeon Deluxe Slimy Creations

  8. Connect Four Game

  9. Super NES Classic Video Game Console

  10. Cra-Z-Art SoundMoovs Music Bandz

  11. Hatchimals


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