We are Totally Crushing on the New Rompers for Summer

We are Totally Crushing on the New Rompers for Summer

Today we are going to discuss one of my favorite trends and summer outfits, the romper! Rompers are perfect for everyone: girls, tween, teen or women. And just when you didn’t think they could get better, they do. This spring we are  seeing some changes happening with the romper styles and I’m definitely loving it! From long bell sleeves to longer pant style lengths, one-shoulder ruffled sleeves to off-the-shoulder looks, funky and floral prints and rich fabrics -the romper is proving to be quite a mover and shaker this season!

I admit, I love rompers. I never thought in a million years they’d return but they did. And as far as I can tell, they are here to stay for a while, which makes me very happy. The beautiful thing about rompers is how easy and versatile they can be. Here’s a look at some of our top picks for Spring and Summer:

Floral Prints and Ruffles


This ditsy floral romper from Billabong features double tiered ruffles flounce from a cute strapless romper that will snag the top spot on your summer packing list. Perfect for the beach or any sunny vacay destination.


This ultra-feminine floral romper from Topshop features a ruffled hem and ruffled bodice. I absolutely love this silhouette and the print. Super cute and sweet.


I adore everything about this Hawaiian print floral romper from MUMU! The print is gorgeous and the drapey off-shoulder style is ultra-feminine. Maui Wowi is gonna do just that, Wowi everything when you walk into the room! It’s that perfect tone of purple-y pink fuchsia that makes you look way tanner than you are (always a plus) with a pretty littering of tropical fauna to really set you apart from the crowd!
Flower picking and country bike ride ready! Your fav off the shoulder ruffle top got together with some Carlos Swing Shorts to bring you this Ruffle Romper. With chunky wedges, strappy sandals, booties, or even barefoot you’re unstoppable.

Floral Romper picks for Girls and Tween:


Fun and free-spirited this so-sweet floral romper keeps your little one looking her best in fun boho-inspired style.

Cropped Pant Style Rompers

Rompers are taking on longer hemlines with cropped pant styles like this one shoulder tropical print romper (dare we say jumpsuit?) by Free People. Absolutely love the pockets and the retro look of this romper.


Today we picked up this pant-style romper from Forever21 by Patrons of Peace. We are in love with the lightweight fabric, ditsy floral print and it’s boho vibe. This is a perfect romper for someone who wants to try a longer length. It’s kind of a beautiful collab of a dress and a romper.

00268188-01 (1)
Insta: @whitneybearr

One of the coolest things about the romper is it can be an outfit on its own. You don’t need to add anything else to it, although you can certainly add any jewelry or accessories to really make it your own. You can just put it on without any effort and still look cute and put together. Add some cute shoes to really complete this trendy outfit. You also get this incredible ability to dress it up or keep it casual in one simple outfit, depending on what you pair it with accessory wise and with your shoes.

Off the Shoulder Rompers


The free-spirited sensibility and simple perfection of an off-the-shoulder romper like this one by Fraiche features full blouson sleeves and delicate ruffled hem. [For girls on a budget, Brandy Melville has the Gabriella romper like this one at half the price.]


This soft jersey romper by Ella Moss features a ruffled, one-shoulder neckline. Easy to wash, wear and pack for any vacation. The one shoulder ruffle sleeve is very on trend this season!

The Maxi Skirt Romper

This one has been the most interesting romper style to emerge this season: the Maxi Dress Romper. I had to look twice to make sure I was seeing this correctly. It’s basically an all-in-one romper with a maxi skirt attached. You can show a lot of leg without the risk of showing more than you planned. 😉


This dramatic maxi skirt by Somedays Lovin features an overlay skirt that sweeps regally behind you. This decidedly romantic floral-print romper comes in beautiful shades of desert rose and dusty blue.

Rompers are also a versatile and totally functional wardrobe item. First of all, it is very comfortable as they are made with a lightweight cotton material that is loosely fit so you are not wearing something too tight. It is also a great outfit for pretty much any activity. You can run around without being afraid of your outfit revealing too much as a skirt or dress would. This frees you up to do whatever you want without a wardrobe change while looking stylish. Lastly, you will find that anyone can wear a romper. Since these items are typically looser than other clothing items that are in style, rompers are actually perfect and flattering for every body type. This is one trend that everyone is going to look great in.

The A-Line Romper <3

This season I am really loving the simple, A-Line romper silhouettes. For those who don’t want the elastic waistband found on most style, this is a perfect choice! The sleek lines are very slimming.


6dfba5b9ebd16efec8087f70371b7cbe_bestPictured above: Privacy Please Lucca Romper, Laveer Cerise Romper, Apiece Apart Aroussa Denim Chambray Romper

It is important for you to make sure that you purchase the right romper for you, as you do have so many different options. If you are taller, you can pretty much wear any romper especially longer ones. However, those on the shorter side will want to stick with a romper that is no longer than the knee. You should also choose one with the right arm length for you. For those self-conscious about their arms, a long-sleeved romper is going to be very stylish while also hiding any imperfections about your arms. For those who love their shapely arms, you can enjoy any sleeve especially a halter top or a tube top. The last thing to remember when purchasing a romper is that this is really an item that you want to try on before buying. Much like with any other item of clothing, any unflattering fitting romper is going to really highlight all of those areas that you are self-conscious of.

Dressed up, Luxe Rompers [yes!]

Going out for a night on the town or to a party? Rompers can be the perfect option with a gorgeous pair of heels. Here’s a look at some of our favorite Teens and Tween Celebs sporting sweet luxe rompers


This lace romper is ready to slay, by Dress the Population


A sophisticated romper, composed of mixed-pattern lace and scalloped trim by Alexis.

As you can see, rompers have become a new wardrobe staple to wear anywhere! Share with us your favorite romper style trends in the comments below! 

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