What Confidence Means: “I Can Do Anything Good!”

What Confidence Means: “I Can Do Anything Good!”

4-year old Jessica says it best!  “I can do anything good!”

When I think of a confident, independent girl (or in my case, woman), the first person I think of is Maya Angelou. The spirit of self-love, confidence and independence first comes from within, and then transcends into the other aspects of our life (personal, family,school, career, etc).

To me, being a confident, independent woman means that everything I do in life comes from a place of love and authenticity. Where there is truth, happiness and self-love, a spirit of confidence and independence follows. It also means having kindness and responsibility with ourselves and everyone we meet. Living in truth is the way we are made.  Children are born with no filter.  They say whatever they need to say- Until they are told not to.  🙂 Having the freedom to live and speak your truth with a clear conscious sets you free in more ways than I can describe.

You are in charge of your life. You realize that life is change and you know when change is OK, necessary or just good; and you welcome it like Spring.  You make choices out of love and self-love, not out of fear. You recognize, nourish and validate your beauty, your talents, your worth. You do not leave it up to anyone else to create the perception of who you are. True confidence comes from knowing that:

  • You are amazing and unique, just the way you are.
  • Nothing we do will ever be “perfect” but it is perfect if you’ve done your best!
  • You are just as great and capable as the next person
  • You have the ability to do and be anything you want
  • You can create the life you want, full of wondrous and beautiful things
  • You are who YOU believe you are, not the reflection of someone else’s insecurities of themselves

What does confidence mean to you?

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