Miley’s not going to college? So what else is new??

Miley’s not going to college? So what else is new??

With a new spark in the media regarding Miley’s statements about not going to college, I had to wonder, what young celebrities actually go to college once they’ve made a billion dollars? Obviously, the first thoughts of higher education in our culture is for higher earning and to be in a professional field that we love (like?). It seems Miley has already accomplished both, so why is the media bugging out so bad? Of course, the experience of college is character building; you learn a lot about yourself, politics, culture, etc. It isn’t just about mathematical equations and crossing all your “t’s” and dotting the “i’s”.
But Miley has been in a different world than most teenage girls (for most of her childhood life). It stands to reason that she has already experienced a lot in such a short time. She travels worldwide, she tours, she performs in front of massive audiences, she works long hours, she meets important people. She has the life of Riley, a world in which she is the master of her own universe. We all hated school. Why on earth would we go (or work, or anything else we don’t want to do) if we don’t HAVE to?
“But college is great for other subjects”, you say. Literature? Sure. The Arts? Of course! Cultures and world history? Obviously.
And I’m not condoning her “wait till later for college” schpeal, but I have personally found travel and the right tour guide to be more profound than any history book I could ever read. I learned about and experienced art and art appreciation on my visits to The MET, the MOMA and The Louvre. And I learned the different cultures of our world by emersing myself in their world.
So, which celebrities have gone to college (and finished)? We were surprised to find so many had started at Ivy League schools and dropped out once their careers took off. So, here are a few of the graduates:

Renee Zellweger: B.A. English, Univeristy of Texas
Ashley Olsen: NYU (still enrolled)
Howard Stern: Boston University (Communications)
Oprah Winfrey: Tenn. State University
Adam Sandler: NYU
Eva Longoria: Texas A&M University (Kingsville)
Will Farrell: USC (Sports Braodcasting)
Maggie Gyllenhaal: Columbia University
Kevin Costner: California State University (business)
Ashley Judd: University of Kentucky (major: French)
Tommy Lee Jones: Harvard (major: English)
Denzel Washington: Fordham University (Journalism)

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