BRAND REP SEARCH: Girls, Tween, Teen Models and Influencers

BRAND REP SEARCH: Girls, Tween, Teen Models and Influencers

Girls Tween Teen Fashion Blog is Seeking Teen and Tween Models and Brand Reps for upcoming collaboration in editorial, style, trends, looks and brand promotion. We specifically need girls thru teens between the ages of 9-19. Fashion styled editorial shots will be used and promoted on our blog and on Instagram.  A parent or legal guardian must provide approval.  See details below:

What is a Brand Rep?

Brand Reps are models and aspiring models who receive free products and clothing in exchange for quality styled, professionally shot photos of the apparel and /or accessories. See Example of our past Brand Rep collabs here We love the ‘Fashion blogger meets street style’ fashionista mixed with fashion editorial. Brand Reps / Models will not be required to buy anything but may be offered special pricing or a discount on items they do wish to purchase.

Instagram Brand Reps are required to have:

  1. An Instagram account that is not private to post their styled shots for everyone to see. This is for promotion. If you are an IG user with a significant following and you are private, we will make considerations. We understand not all moms are OK with public accounts for their daughters. We do encourage using or creating a public Instagram feed for the purposes of business, portfolio building and for the interest of brands doing promotions.
  2. We do require that all final shots be sent to us to be used for our blog and/or magazine editorial, and Instagram posts. We will add credit and a link to the Model or Brand Rep with each styled shot.
  3. You must have at least 500 engaged Instagram followers
  4. Quality, unique content is the key! Please have stylish, nice, bright photos, professional shots. Please, no excessive selfies or reposted Brand Rep graphic images.
  5. All submitted Instagram accounts are reviewed. We will not accept users for tween or teen audience who express violence, hate speech, political speech or sexual content on their Instagram feed.
  6. We work with parents, we do not work directly with girls or teens under age 18. If you are a girl under the age of 18, we will require contact and permission with parents.

Who we’re seeking: Girls, Tweens, and Teens, ages 9-19. Dynamic, unique girls who love clothes, fashion and having their photos taken!

Editorial Campaigns: Spring/Summer, Spring Break, Back to School, Fall/Winter, Christmas

What you get: Exposure, Free Clothes and Products! Sometimes you will get invites to some of the best fashion shows and product launches in NYC or LA. We work with a lot of brands in apparel, accessories, beauty products, toys, shoes, etc. and you get to keep everything that is sent to you!

What we ask of you: Provide us 5 high quality, styled looks, post 2-3 looks on your Instagram account with shoutouts. Images must be bright photos, artistic editorial style and street fashion style. If you are not sure, please view the following example images below for an idea of what we’re looking for specifically. Photoshop touch-ups are not required. Our staff can handle the editing work.

Very Important: We rely on punctuality, professionalism and guaranteed timelines as we are always on an editorial calendar, campaign launch and tight schedule. Please think about this if you are not sure whether you will be able to make quick turnaround deadlines.

Fashion Blogger, Street Style examples:

Alina N.
Valerie S.

Maddie Ziegler, Maddie Style, Spring 2017 Collection, Tees, Jeans, Clothing for Tween Teen
See Our Maddie Ziegler Collab, Spring 2017

Fashion Editorial examples:


Be a Brand Rep and Influencer for Girls Tween/Teen Fashion!

Work with a fun team who loves creating dynamic brand launches and promotions for cool brands aimed at tweens and teens. Get free clothes, jewelry, beauty products and accessories in exchange for pretty photos and shout-outs! As a Brand Rep or preferred influencer, you earn free clothes, prizes, discounts on clothes and gain exposure!

Want to be a part of the Girls Tween Fashion Influencer Team?

Our Blog reaches over 45,000 peeps per month!
The Girls Tween Fashion Influencers Team (also known as Brand Reps) is extended to positive teen and pre-teen role models in the USA and Canada who embody a fun, fashionable and ‘kindness matters’ attitude. Our Brand Reps review, wear and represent clothing and accessories for our preferred vendors and provide stylish photos, IG stories, and mentions! If you are a YouTuber, please submit to join!

As a Brand Rep, you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re making an impact in the brands and products of women-owned businesses, startups and brands that speak to teens and moms. You are adding value to the brands message, and getting tons of publicity, too! Not to mention free clothing and fun gear! 😀

Our Brand Rep Requirements:

18 years or older, OR have written permission from your parent or legal guardian. We will communicate with parents via email and/or phone.

Your Job as a Brand Rep:

As a Brand Rep, your job is to HAVE FUN, post post lots of great photos with the products we send, tag the brands Instagram account, (tag us, too!) spread the word about the brands and products to your friends, community, loyal following via social media photos and posts on such outlets as: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or your blog.

Sometimes we host Brand Rep Searches on Instagram, so please follow us and check our feed for details. If you are signed up for our Brand Rep program, you will receive emails with casting notifications with brands we are working for. If you are chosen, all info shared must be kept confidential. We will never sell or share your info with any 3rd parties.

Our Influencer Outreach Castings, Notifications

By signing up, you become a part of our email list. We will notify you of open campaigns. Please make sure you add us to your email contacts, check Spam and Promotions folders.

If you are not picked the first time, please don’t be discouraged! We receive over 60 emails per month, on average, and we have to be selective with brands and influencers based on the company and products. Please be on the lookout for our emails. Check your Promotions or Spam folders if you aren’t sure. Please be patient. If we don’t connect right away, there is a good chance we will next time!

What We Look For:
Our team looks at a lot of profiles during our Brand Rep & Influencer Outreach searches and we want you to stand out! Not only us but to our brands looking for Reps and Influencers!

Please consider these points before submitting:

  • Do you have at least 500 followers who are engaged with your posts (i.e. a lot of Likes, Comments)?
  • Do you post often? (3-4 x week)
  • Do you have at least 24 Instagram posts?
  • Do you use at least 10 relevant hashtags with every post?
  • Is your IG feed mostly family snapshots, or do you post high-quality photos with high engagement and quality content?
  • Are you @tagging and mentioning the brands in your photos?
  • Are your photos bright, easy to see and pretty?
  • Do you Rep a lot of different brands or competing brands?
  • Is your Instagram account too cluttered with multiple brand rep reposts? Do you post too many ads? If so, please consider posting more of your own content to give your own brand it’s platform to shine.
  • Do you have a photographer you can work with?
  • Remember, we want to see you, your style, stories and an interesting, creative feed! 🙂

Terms and Conditions

  • Brand Reps must be 18 or over or have parents written consent to participate.
  • Must have a good Following on Instagram or YouTube
  • Must live in the USA or Canada
  • Brand Reps promote sales, product launches, campaigns and items in our brand’s shop.
  • Brand Reps are not paid monetarily (we provide all products and pay for shipping)
  • Brand Reps are not employees of the Girls Tween Fashion blog/company.
  • Brand Reps must NOT have Instagram posts with any of the following: Hate speech, negative political comments, sexual or sexually provocative content, lewd behavior photos, drinking, drugs or anything that represents negative and questionable behavior.
  • Brand Reps are required to post reviews (YouTube) or images (Instagram) of the products we send if chosen and agreed upon. Any items not posted must be sent back within 3 weeks.
  • Each rep is required to provide at least 3 images of each item they receive
  • Reps are required to mention or tag the brands’ Instagram account, website and Girls Tween Fashion.
  • As per the campaign outline provided to you per project, we ask that you use provided brand #hashtag with each product campaign.
  • Brand Reps must have a public Instagram account
  • By sharing the product images or video, you give us and the brand(s) we work with permission to share them as well
  • Each Brand Rep may receive discounts on products if it is a part of the promotion. Every campaign is different.
  • By signing up, you agree that you are the legal guardian of your daughter, or 18 years of age or older. You give Girls Tween Fashion the right to use all photos for the blog, Instagram and social media promotions which may include, but are not limited to, press and editorial use in both digital, social media as well as news and print media.

Interested Candidates are encouraged to:

1. FOLLOW us on Instagram @GirlsTweenFashion
2. Tag us in 2-3 of your best photos
3. Have an Instagram account that is Public.

By entering, you are acknowledging that you are at least 18 years of age and are agreeing to the terms and conditions of  Instagram. You are also acknowledging that you understand the conditions of the Brand Rep, Influencer / Girls Tween Fashion program.

Ready to join us? 🙂

SIGN UP HERE for Immediate Access




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  • Hi, My name is Gaitchings but you can call me Gigi i’m a 17 years old black African American/ Haitian female and I speak two language. I would love to join your program because I want to work from home so it does not disturb my school/ learning. Also I want to be able to earn money from doing something I enjoy. I hope you accept me and thank you for taking your time for reading this. My Instagram is @miss._.gigi

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