Best Age-Appropriate Clothing Brands for Tween Girls

Best Age-Appropriate Clothing Brands for Tween Girls

A lot of moms have a tough time finding age-appropriate clothes for their tween girls. Many of the brands or clothing stores out there are either too “grown up” or too “little girl”. The in between leaves a big challenge for everyone. In fact, this is precisely how this blog was started. There were very few stores or brands (at the time) who were Tween-focused. Finding age appropriate, modest clothing for girls is getting better, but it’s still a bit tricky.

I think the first thing to define is:

What exactly is “Age-Appropriate Clothing for Tweens”?


For many, it’s defined as clothing that children can move and play in. Clothing that doesn’t look like a “mini-me” style that is also worn by Juniors and College Age ladies. Bikinis for 7 year olds for many is a big “No-No”, as is cut-off denim shorts, mini skirts or dresses that reveal too much skin. Sexy and provocative clothing is out there for kids, and a lot of parents are definitely not OK with it. I certainly understand.
Moms (and Dads) have enough on their plate without worrying about how people are viewing their daughter. It’s a delicate balance. Your tween is not a little girl, and she doesn’t necessarily want cartoon characters or Hannah Andersson or The Children’s Place. But they aren’t young ladies yet, either.

Here is are my top picks for brands or stores that are age-appropriate for tweens (i.e. girls ages 9 -12). Of course, moms and daughters may want to meet in the middle sometimes with styles, as many of the the girls today are wearing clothing that appear to be more for the teen market. Even as a fashion blogger, it has been challenging at times to appeal to such a wide audience (Especially with role models who are much older than their tweenage fans). Have no fear, I have some pretty great brands that should make everyone happy. 🙂

  1. Brandy Melville might be hit or miss for some parents, but most tweens do love this brand and a lot of the styles are very basic. With that being said, it may be too basic for some tween girls who like a lot more color in their wardrobe.
  2. Target does have a lot of appropriate styles for young girls and the prices just can’t be beat. With a mix of brands such as Speechless, Burt’s Bees and Art Class, it should be pretty easy to find some styles you’ll both agree on.
  3. Tommy Hilfiger is a favorite among teens with the comeback of the 90s fashion. I am assuming it won’t be long before the styles shift to tweens as well. The brand has always been very classic and sporty.
  4. The Mango Kids line has always had very European look to it. The clothes are very sophisticated in soft hues and lend themselves to time that is sweet and innocent. In my opinion, girls are truly girls in Mango clothes.
  5. Old Navy is a super budget-friendly store for the whole family. While I haven’t shopped there personally in a very long time, I have seen the collections and they are usually on trend and cute.
  6. GAP has always had a great selection of clothing for girls thru juniors in classic, age-appropriate styles.
  7. The Children’s Place has gotten much better over the years with their offering for girls and tweens. It is a best pick for the 9-10 year olds
  8. Maddie by Maddie Ziegler is a new collection and a big hit with tweens. From comfy tees to skinny jeans, jackets and sweaters, her collection has covered the bases for many ages, and reflects her simple style.Tween Fashion Maddie Ziegler Clothing
  9. Splendid offers these soft basics in styles and fits that are appropriate for 9-12 year olds. Still one of my favorite brands, it never disappoints in comfort and quality.
  10. As you may already know, H&M Kids has some pretty cute styles which are trendy enough to make her happy and budget friendly, too!
  11. New brand, Tucker + Tate is giving new life to basics with fresh prints that are modern, fun. They define casual kids’ clothing for everyday living, with prices you can afford and quality you can trust. The clothing is soft, comfortable, washable and easy to wear and layer. Tucker + Tate also offers shoes and accessories, and sizes range from newborn to preteen—so kids never have to grow out of their favorite brand.
  12. Many of the Tops and Accessories at Forever21 are right on for Tween girls, but I have received a bit of feedback from a lot of moms who are not a fan of Forever21 and feel as though it is “too grown up” for 10 year olds. I’d tend to agree, as many of the mini dresses and mini skirts may be a bit too short.
  13. Stella McCartney is pretty fabulous and while it isn’t a budget brand, it is a great option for finicky tweens who are fashion-forward. If you are lucky, you can find it on sale and on Amazon (like this adorable Stella McCartney dress I recently found for only $33!!) Keep an eye out and you can find designer brands at the same prices you’ll pay for Mango or even Old Navy.
  14. Macy’s carries a pretty fun brand called Nowadays  Skai. The collection is funky, sporty and very sophisticated as well. It truly reflects the style of designer, Skai Jackson.

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