Stores like Brandy Melville

Stores like Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville is one of the most popular teen clothing stores today because of the soft basic trendy styles, inexpensive prices and no-fuss sizing. Girls flock to the stores in crowds to shop and just “hang out”. So, we wondered, are there any other stores like Brandy Melville, or do the designers have a monopoly on those fresh basics and Instagram-ready looks?

teen stores like Brandy Melville

According to ShopSleuth there are over 103 women’s clothing stores similar to Brandy Melville. After going through their list, though, we weren’t convinced. I am not sure if the website bases its research on true algorithms so much as it does advertisers bids. Nevertheless, we have uncovered some pretty cool shops for juniors, as well as a few well-known stores that carry a wide array of cool graphic tees, dresses, tops, shorts, swimwear, accessories, shorts and jeans for the teen who loves the Brandy style. This will make your back to school wardrobe shopping a breeze!

The following stores are OUR top 10 closest store or brand matches to Brandy Melville, as based on the proprietary matching algorithm and our own research.

  1. If you love Brandy Melville, you may like Pac Sun’s brandy-ish collection, John Galt. Though small, and a little odd, I guess the collection works? It features the same vibe with cheap, cute and trendy crop tops, mock necks, graphic tees and off the shoulder bodysuits.
  2. Charlotte Russe Charlotte Russe has been a fashion destination for teen girls for many years. The store offers a broad choice of trendy styles in apparel, jewelry and accessories at low prices for the fashionable “Charlotte girl”.

  1. Forever21 Leading specialty fashion retailer, Forever 21, offers a contemporary, sophisticated collection in everything from festival style to business casual separates for juniors at low prices.
  2. Frankie Phoenix Frankie Phoenix is a Los Angeles based clothing retailer. Frankie Phoenix offers on-trend apparel and accessories to the fashion conscious young women of the world.
  3. American Eagle’s “Don’t ask Why collection is a carbon copy of Brandy Melville styles. If you love AE, you’ll love this collection.
  4. Laurel Canyon Launching in summer, Laurel Canyon promises to be the next big “it” clothing brand for juniors.
  5. If you like Brandy, you probably love Urban Outfitters, too. Another great place to find that Brandy style. I love Urban. It’s like I step into my closet from cir. 1988-1994 every time I  go in there, without feeling like I ever grew up.
  6. Pink Ice Pink Ice is a fashion e-tailer aimed at the young recessionista. With affordable collections that are sexy, trendy, fashion-forward and unique, it has a variety of clothing, accessories and jewelry.
  7. Supre is an Australian brand that sells trendy, fashion forward clothing for young women. Supre is known for fun, edgy looks that offer a playful twist on the current trends.
  8. Hollister and A&F is beginning to add a few basics into their collection that are very Brandy-like (see below).
  9. American Apparel does have some pretty good basic dresses, sweatshirts, hats and tops to rival BM style.



Do you have a favorite store you want to share? Let us know in the comments! <3

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