Why the Fidget Spinner is the Hottest Toy on the Market

Why the Fidget Spinner is the Hottest Toy on the Market

The Fidget Spinner is the latest toy to catch the imagination of the people of all ages. Regardless of whether you’re a teenager or an office executive, you’ll simply love the experience of spinning these quirky little toys. One look at the list of Best Toys of 2017 on stores like eBay and Amazon will tell you the craze these fidget toys have created. However, not everyone likes the euphemisms being showered on these toys, especially the teachers. As a reason, these gadgets are being banned from several schools because teachers not only find these toys distracting but downright annoying as well.

Spinning tricks with the toy spinners are making the kids and teens go crazy – they can’t have enough of the fidget toys. The rise in popularity of these toys is simply incredible and has often been attributed to its simple yet interesting design: the basic skateboard bearings that spins continuously for about 2-3 minutes. That’s pretty much it. A fidget spinner is typically made up of metal and ball bearings, which you can twirl between the fingers. Adolescents across the US are taking along these toys to everywhere they’re going.

Chillax glow fidget spinners
image: Chillax Fidget Spinners

Some designs are slightly different and some come in glow in the dark, iridescent, rose gold/copper (my personal favorite), chrome finishes, colors or fun prints, but the basic design is simple and pretty universal. Some fidget spinners are made from steel, while others are made from ceramic or titanium.

pictured: TYZEST Copper Fidget Spinner

Just like some of the best toys generations have grown up loving, sometimes the simplest designs are the ones that create the biggest waves, and stick around the longest. Just look at the hacky sack, Rubik’s cube and Silly Putty.

The Rising Popularity of Fidget Spinners

This gadget was originally meant to ease ADHD symptoms through stress reduction and restoring the focus of a fidgety mind. However, soon this became the most sought after toy in the country as kids and teens alike took instant liking of this spinning gadget. The world has seen many innovative and interesting toys but none can match the fervor created by the fidget toys. These toys have been in the market for over 2 years but the enthusiasm around them is only increasing with every passing day. In fact, many big chain stores such as Toys R Us and Wal-Mart are having a hard time keeping these in stock!

Another big reason behind the popularity of these toys is the spinning trick videos that appear every day. These videos show how the fidget spinner can be used to perform several basic as well as advanced spinning tricks. Teens as well as kids are jostling to gain instant fame and attention by performing these tricks in school and social meets. Kids can do awesome and amazing tricks while spinning their fidget toys; a great source of entertainment for the adults as well as their peers.


How do they work?

Finger Spinning – Grip between your Thumb and Middle finger, flick with your Pointer or Ring finger. Tabletop Spinning – Place your spinner on a table or desk, hold the center with one finger and flick with another. To use a spinner, hold it in one hand and use the other hand to spin it quickly. Use small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely.

Some of the BEST rated and Top Fidget Spinner Brands are TYZEST, ZekPro, Chillax Fidget Spinner, Unicorn Spinner, FidgetDoctor

We recommend shopping online from a reputable seller if you are going to buy a Fidget Spinner. Make sure the seller is offering a genuine product instead of a knock-off. There have been a lot of disappointed buyers who have received products which are cheap quality and not genuine. For example, Fidget Doctor products are sold by Viable Products and Fulfilled by Amazon. The seller for Unicorn Spinner is Super Kido. Super Kido is the only authorized seller for Unicorn Spinner branded toys. Most fidget spinners retail in the $14-$20 range. If you find one for significantly less, they are either a cheap version or a knockoff. Use caution.

All the companies have managed to register huge sales because of the great demand for these toys. From Christmas gifts to toys for the summer vacation, they are a source of joy and indulgence for teens and kids alike. Now, since these toys were meant to ease the ADHD symptoms, they actually have several psychological benefits.

Benefits of fidget toys

People (including the adults) using the fidget spinner get an opportunity to vent their bored or nervous energy. Instead of playing with your cuticles or nails, it’s beneficial to be spinning your fidget spinner; a great way to ease the anxiety and tension. Stress is a modern day killer and we all are aware of its harmful effects.  However, we have help in the form of the gadgets called fidget spinner, which can not only help us beat stress but also improves memory and attention.

Teenage Student Studying Hard

Designed for both fidgeters and non-fidgeters, the Fidget Spinners reduce boredom, restless hands and for people who have ADHD (ADD), anxiety or stress. It’s a great tool to use if you love sensory objects also. Some have found they are great to use during meditation, or just for fun to see who can make theirs spin the longest in a “spin-off” contest!

So what makes the new fidget toys so popular? We scoured dozens of testimonials to see what the rage is all about and figured out people just love to play with things. College students are grabbing these up to ease with stress and aid in concentration on their finals. Plus, these little gadgets just give you something to do, they keep your hands and mind busy so you’re not always on your cell phone. Instead of digging our eyes into the Smartphones, we can give some attention to our surroundings while spinning the fidget toy. This improves our engagement level and also prevents us from mindlessly moving around trying to vent our energy.

Another significant benefit of playing with spinners is that they help us in starting conversation with complete strangers. It’s amazing how people often tend to start communicating with strangers purely driven by their love for this amazing toy. There isn’t any concrete scientific data to back the claims of fidget toys actually helping people with certain psychological disorders like ADHD but these gadgets definitely help in stress reduction.   

LED lights Give Spinning a Twist

Fidget spinners are not only meant to be spun but they can also be flaunted in front of your friends, family and colleagues. It’s simply a great toy to play with these colorful spinners, especially the ones that come with fancy LED lights fitted on them, like these styles from Friendly Fidgets! Spinning in the dark is particularly enjoyable when you have all your friends huddled around you expecting some unearthly extravaganza. Very atypical of toys that flood the market, fidget spinners are ruling turf for the next few years for sure.

There are ample reasons for you to buy this incredibly amazing toy; however, the most compelling reasons might be the following:

It is a great toy for the fidgety hands and even helps people suffering from ADHD and ADD to get rid of the nerve-wreaking stress. The size of these toys perfectly suits the kids and adults. On top of this, these gadgets are easy to carry, discreet, fun and extremely simple toy to help you focus. These toys are made with the latest SLA technique which makes these toys robust and durable.

Get the hottest toys in the market this year at unbelievable prices; check out Amazon and eBay for cool offers on fidget toys. 

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