Hair Trend Predictions for 2017

Hair Trend Predictions for 2017

What’s the biggest hair trend for 2017? Well, I think we’re really going to be channeling some of our 60s bombshells. Here are my predictions for 2017 

To start, Brigitte Bardot.


Nobody did a shag cut the way she did. Wispy bangs, shag cut style and eye level fringe. It’s, Oh.. how can I say this any other way..groovy, baby!

Hairstyle trends will allow us to love our hair in it’s natural state, I mean, in a VERY NATURAL, unfettered state. Almost a ‘nothing done to them at all’ style. Parted down the middle is the most common trend we are seeing. Natural waves with no heat styling, and very little product.

With curly styles, anything goes. Natural curly will be key. This will be your time to embrace what mother nature blessed you with. Oh, and grab yourself a headband tiara, cause they’ll be everywhere during the summer festival season.

The French bob, messy bob haircut with bangs (fringe) is going to get a closer look. I do think this one may take a bit to surface. Perhaps expect it to emerge towards the end of 2017, or even as far as 2018. I will say, however, that we are definitely going to be seeing this happen.



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