The Top 6 Winter Coat Brands for Teens

The Top 6 Winter Coat Brands for Teens

This winter the plain black puffer coat and parka is everywhere. When it comes to our warmth, we don’t play around with old man winter. In our research for the best, most popular winter coats , we discovered warmth was #1, followed by price and lastly: brand identity.


A lot of brands in big box and fast fashion stores do offer cheap winter coats, but certainly not the warmest or best quality. Of course we want a good deal, but most of us aren’t willing to compromise on quality or warmth, so we have to find a middle ground or wait for a killer sale. For example, the puffer vest from F21 failed to live up to expectations, but what can you expect from a $12 vest?

Most of the country gets pretty cold in the winter and cold is not something any of us want to take a gamble on. These top brands have been pretty consistent sellers throughout the years, for their uncompromising style and functionality.

Here are the top winter coat brands for 2016-17

#1. Columbia– I was a little surprised to see Columbia in the #1 slot, but after considering the price, I totally get it. Columbia is a brand that offers great styles for the price and they are still warm and comfy. They may not offer the same brand recognition or fit as some of the more fitted North Face styles, but they have great selections and the prices are excellent. I had a Columbia jacket and it was my ‘go-to’ light jacket for chilly Fall nights.

#2 The North Face – I’m not sure there’s anyone who doesn’t love something from the north face. I have a puffer jacket I got last year at a steal and it’s all I need in the winter to keep me warm and toasty!

#3. Canada GooseThis is a brand I know very little about, but I do know it isn’t cheap. But teens and adults in the northern states swear by the style and functionality of this brand. Prices range anywhere from $295 for vests up to $1,200 for coats.

#4. Nike – apparently the Nike bomber jacket this winter is, the bomb?

Nike Kanji Jacket( Japanese Nike Bomber)
Nike Kanji Jacket( Japanese Nike Bomber)

#5 Eddie Bauer makes a great line of jackets and coats for the whole family. I have a windbreaker/waterproof jacket they made a few years back (called the 365) and I won’t part with it. It’s made so well I could literally stand under a waterfall and probably not get wet.


#6 Patagonia -Patagonia is a favorite brand of mine, and also a favorite of teens who hit the slopes. Yes, it is very pricey, but it’s a brand that is made well. Based on its pricing is probably what puts Patagonia in last place.

Where’s the best place to shop for great deals on winter coats?

  1. Kohls
  2. Zulily
  3. ASOS
  5. Amazon
  6. Nordstrom Rack

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Source Data compiled by Google Trends (USA)

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