45 Balayage Hair Colors To Fall in Love With

45 Balayage Hair Colors To Fall in Love With

What is Balayage? Balayage, pronounced BAH-LEE-AHGE, which literally means ‘to sweep’ (French), is a hair dyeing technique also called hair painting that gives you a very natural ombre or sun-kissed look. The painting technique highlights the hair to create a dynamic, graduated, natural-looking effect.

The benefits of Balayage are it’s a lot better on the wallet and less maintenance for your hair since you don’t have to go every 4 weeks for touch ups.  With my upcoming trip to Hawaii, I wanted to make sure my hair was beach ready! I opted for the Balayage instead of my regular touch up, and I LOVE IT!


What I love about this technique is the many options available. It allows you to try so many natural and subtle color variations.  If you are looking for some awesome summer hair inspo, look no further

Best Hair Product to try for beach waves? Oribe Apres Beach Waves Spray

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  • I was thinking about trying out that rose balayage. when I went to my salon to get my hair “chopped” (as my lil sister put it) I saw one woman getting a rose gold dye, and another woman getting a balayage, and I am now excited to try it out!!

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